Win streaks


Does anyone get upset when you’re playing hunter and see a monster with a 10-20+ win streak?
Man I see that and I just want them to go play ranked because pretty much every hunter that is in quickplay sucks and the monster does not deserve to earn such a high win streak for killing people trying to understand the game.
My point is anyone with a 10+ win streak should just leave and play ranked only to avoid frustrating/annoying the casual players.


I think about how hilarious it would be if the streak ended because of me. :stuck_out_tongue:


The hunters that suck should ALSO be in ranked, because after their placement matches will likely from that point onward, be playing against monsters that are closer to their own skill level.


Yeah but if you see a 50+ win streak you pretty much have no chance of beating it with a pub.


But maybe the monster player is still not lvl 20 yet. 10+ lvl player can get 20+ win streaks if they learn quick and know what they are doing. Winning against pubs is really easy as a monster.
But there was a time when I played in a pub hunter team, saw the monster got 20+ win streaks. I thought well we are doomed. But we beat him! I believe that was very exhilarating for all the team members.


True. I think I am just being salty from my experiences as a lvl 27, and being put against a good player, but having the worst possible teammates ever.
I guess it just depends on luck and it;s not like finding a new game takes forever.
Although I fought a monster with a 24 win streak, lost and then went to search for another match and contributed to his 26th win because we got in the same lobby again.