Win Streak Silver Key Combo


The title says it already, get a win streak, get a silver key combo bonus!
Makes it easier to progress for more succesful players and sets up the motivation to play and win!


Wholeheartedly agree.


I agree - good idea to have a reward for having longer win streaks, perhaps that increases incrementally (up to a point?).


I’d maybe max out the winstreak at 6 wins, otherwise it could just be some people Hunter farming.


Yeah, I think maxing it out would make some sense because it could lead to unnecessary aggravation, hostility, and toxicity for people. For instance, if there was no limit and someone had a 20-win streak, they might be pretty pissed if the streak was broken because of a server crash or something, for instance. Maxing it out to a reasonable number like 6 would be a good way to limit that, and also avoid having people rage on each other for mistakes because they want to accrue insane key bonuses for huge winning streaks.


That would be a bad idea to reward huge win streaks…


Not now. Not when there are thousands of people still learning the game and catching up to the skill level of veterans.


Don’t we already get this? I think I remember getting a silver key bonus at a 10 win streak and then again at a 15 win streak?


Yes, we get this already. 200~ Keys at a 10 win streak.


And at the same time, please differentiate between “Hunter win streak” and “Monster win streak”. :slight_smile:


Looks like this has already been answered, but yes, this is already a thing - 10, 15 and I think 25 all have rewards.