Win streak over RIPeronis


RIP to a win streak… I cant remember the players in game but I got to careless and did a yolo evolve just outside of the caves on map TheDam and got REKT hard by a orbital, trying to evolve to stage 2.

I figured I could survive when I was done evolving and juke the rest of the damage by team hunters…but after evo was complete I had two bars of life left… tried juking the rest and knockback hunters inbetween to no luck. dat orbital was too GUUUUUUUUUD… it was all my fault not going to lie I normally don’t have problems doing yolo evolves anywhere but this time it caught up to me…GG 211 win streak as wraith QQ !!!

GJ team that played me …
-Divine L. W.

hank, hyde, cabot, griffin was the team


Lol gotta evolve underneath something when there’s Hank


Well this is a lie.

There’s no such thing as a Hank and Cabot being on the same team…

Although a Damage Amp and Orbital on an Evolving monster…


lol I ment CAIRA lol lol major mistype lol … good eye


Still though… a full Support Team…

Buckets Turrets (He is an Assault in Support Attire)

Hank and Sunny Shield

Cabot’s Amp

All the lolz cuz perma cloaks…


You’d only need one shield up at a time, too, so you’d have the (amped) damage of Mininukes or the Cutter as well.


Yeah these losses suck, getting hit by a Orbital while Cabot Damage Amps you :frowning:


That combination is impossible by the way… You can’t Orbital, and use DMG AMP. They are both supports Broths.


I thought that was clear to everyone that I was fooling around :frowning:


I want to be amplified and then orbital striked…


That’s heavily masochistic, you might want to seek out medical help.


What’s wrong with being masochistic? As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, your partner is comfortable with it and you both have the common sense to know when to stop, it’s alright.

…Wait WHAT?! ;-;


What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Read.

YOU need medical help.


Hey. I merely stated that masochism was perfectly alright given that the above constraints were seen to! My response mirrors that of medical professionals, in fact.

And I most certainly do not! Well, maybe for the fact that I don’t sleep and I’m afraid of rabbits but not for this! :stuck_out_tongue:


I said that if you want to get Hank’d while being Amped, you need medical help, because that’s certainly worthy of a psychologist’s attention.

I wasn’t talking about masochism being wrong.

Either way, wat.


But that’s just general masochism, is it not? So you wouldn’t need medical attention because it wouldn’t be wrong! :smile:

Also, Orbital + Amp wouldn’t be that bad. The Amp has a “clip” of 1k damage. So it would just add another 1k damage. Negligible.


Y’know, that should actually be considered suicidal thoughts.

Also, screw the rules, if an OB is being dropped on someone, the clip can go home, for I’d connect it to a proper power source.

Oh my god infinite Amp.


Well an infinite Amp with the Monster standing in the barrage, five turrets, laser cutter and mininuke fire…I think that would kill Godzilla.


Swapped the Medic out for another Support? That’s an interesting composition.

le troll

Edit: Ah, already been pointed out, damn… :disappointed:


“Where is your god NOW?!?”