Win some awesome Evolve merchandise - contest closed - winners announced!


The contest is now closed. Thank you for making this a success! The winners will be announced soon.

Hi everyone! is proud to announce its Evolve contest.

We are also very pleased to announce that the judge for this contest will be Jess Damerst (@DamJess), Community Manager for all things Turtle Rock Studios/Evolve.

We want to see your best Evolve screenshots. Just like in the game, there are five categories in the contest. What we are looking for is some awesome action pics of the characters in each category. Tips: We are not looking for a third person perspective of the character… so take screenshots of your teammates in action. Ideally, there would be only one character in the frame. Imagine being attacked up-close by the Goliath and taking that snapshot just before it fries you!

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

1- Register to join (valid email address required to win)

2- Submit all of your best pics for each category before April 15th, 2015 11:59:59 pm EST


1st place in each category:

A set of Evolve pins

A set of five Evolve bracelets

An Evolve T-shirt*

2nd place in each category:

An Evolve GG headband

An Evolve T-shirt*

*T-shirts are in limited quantities for each models and sizes. The 1st place winners (which will be ordered randomly) will choose first. Then the second place winners (also ordered randomly) will choose.

Evolve merchandise?


GREAT site! The site is so smooth in how to works! Make sure to check it out! A lot of great content to see! If you like the scenery in video games this is the site for you! Can rank up and gain trophies and medals for progressing on the site! Always a lot of cool contests you can participate in and win cool prizes! And I know all of you like Evolve so there is a contest up especially for Evolve and if you enter your favorite pics, you can win Evolve pins for each class! Make sure to check this site out! Go out and show your pictures off to the world!


Thanks for your support.


Really excited to be a judge for this!


The contest is getting bigger! New prizes coming soon! Stay tuned.
Check out the website and register now. Can you make it on the leaderboard?



So guys, how is the screenshot taking going? Let the artist in you speak! Show us your best stuff.


Putting it out like that are you fishing for chocolate? :smiley:

Okay you got us - where do we need to send the stuff? Directly to TRS with a @DamJess enough? :wink:


Check the links at the top of the thread, it’s all there. Thanks for your support!


So excited for this! I believe @Chloe will be a judge too :slight_smile:


Looks like fun, how did I miss the first post :see_no_evil:


I need to focus more on taking screenshots.


Fun doesn’t begin to describe my website :wink: look around, there is a lot to do!


Any suggestions on how to submit xbone screenshots?


I thought the screenshot feature was coming out on the 10th. If it has come out, you can upload to twitter and save it to your PC, or use a USB drive and upload the screenshots on it, then upload on your PC.


No I figured it out. Saved it to one drive then downloaded it from there. Thanks for the tips though! (and yes xbox screenshots are out, came out in most recent patch)


Glad you figured it out. Keep uploading!


If you came in first place but wanted the headband instead would you be able to opt for the headband instead of wristbands and pin set?


Maybe if someone wanted to switch also. We’ll see once we get there.