Win/loss ratio in co-op evacuation mode


I was wondering the win and loss ratio for co-op mode? The AI monsters seem to be really op. I know seasoned players probably think otherwise, but for beginners the mode seems really hard.


Don’t be the medic, the AI hates the medic lol


Pretty much this. If you play the medic in co-op you are almost certain to get focused right away and the monster will stay on you until you are dead or he dies.

You need a very, very skilled team to get that monster off of you or to punish it for coming after you so hard. Basically everyone in co-op now is playing Laz because its pointless to try and heal with an AI monster.

Still, I play co-op almost exclusively and I find it far more challenging than pvp because you need a really skilled monster to win in pvp and oftentimes you get someone that is not very good and it almost feels like cheating.