Win loss ratio as a team shouldn't be the rating system


It annoys me that the win loss ratio ranks you now. Don’t get me wrong, it is another fun addition to the game however. When you can’t find a decent team, and keep getting wrecked by monsters, it’s get down right aggravating. While playing with the same “skill” level is fun, I think there should be different factors to it. For example; throughout my rank determination, I was always the one to follow the monster and be right behind him every step of the way. My team however, being… less experienced… was off doing their own thing and refused to listen to my pings along the map as I followed the monster. Thus becoming quite frustrating that I kept losing due to a incompetent hunter team. Now, since I didn’t do so well with the ranking process I’m stuck playing with people who aren’t good and therefore do not have a good win/loss record.


That’s the only way I can see it being done. This post should instead be a post asking to team up with other hunters from the forum :slight_smile: