Win Counts as Loss in Hunt 2.0

I was playing as kraken and had lazarus killed, Bucket killed, and crow killed. the only person left was markov and i didn’t have any health damage then they all quit and i lost points. How is this fair?

Excuse me? They all quit the game yet you lost points? Need more Info pls.

Yeah, that’s not right. You sure you didn’t disconnect? Because that will take points from you.

That might be a bug?

Did it say “Monster wins”? Are you POSITIVE you saw points lost?

This might be a bug since if they rage quit they should lose points and you should gain them.

Dangit @xTr1ckOrTr3atx ninja’d

i know i didn’t disconnect because i was shown how i did and if i was above average and all that jazz

if u get disconnected u get kicked to main menu

Hehehe. Trick or Treat mudda shut-yo-mouth <.<


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im positive i lost points and it said monster wins

when i check my stats it also said i got a loss

Then this needs to be changed to the bugs section. Although they are already aware of this happening a few times before (It’s a rare bug). Not sure if it was supposed to have been fixed in the 5.1 patch.

Suggest changing title to “Win counted as loss in Hunt 2.0” (or something similar), include your platform in the first post, and change the category from General -> Bugs.

how do i do that

I was just making sure dawg.

I changed it to bugs for you, seeing as you wanted to know I’ll show you anyway. :yum:

If you’re on a computer, it should give you this little pen next to the title, click that, and it expands to this

And from here, edit it as you please, then click the check to save it, or the x to cancel the change.