Win by timeout?


okay seriously. who thought it would be a good idea to stop the counter for no reason? monster letting himself 18 minutes time? TO BAD FOR YOU HUNTER COUNTER STOPS AT 1:58 EVERY SINGLE TIME, and it does not matter where on the map the monster is. what the hell where you smoking?


Obviously a bug man. No need to get upset. Count downs are not supposed to stop so obviously there is something wrong.


This is an alpha, maybe they just haven’t decided what to do after the 20 minute timer yet.

If you’re not willing to deal with bugs or an unfinished game, don’t play the alpha (or beta, for that matter)


If there wouldn’t be a countdown freeze, end-game fights would end with an anti-climactic ‘time’s over’ ending. It also prevents the hunters from running away and sniping you from long-range to prevent their objective from taking damage.

As soon as the countdown starts (3 minutes) it stops when you fight the hunters or start destroying the generator.


I think there should be a cutscene when the times run out then you will see the Monster escaping from the map


The countdown starts when nearing the 20 minute mark and only pauses when the Monster and the Hunters are in combat. If a single bullet hits the monster or a single attack hits a hunter, it will pause the countdown for several seconds.


for several seconds? i dont know man… our game was between 25 - 27 minutes. sounds a bit more than a few seconds…
why is this implemented anyway? the monster has a fixed amount of time to destroy the relay, why should time stop if it gets attacked on the other side of the map. i could understand if the monster has to engage but right now… he goes feeding and you cannot take potshots at a level 3 monster to soften up his armor until he comes back.


If you continue to engage the monster, the clock doesn’t unpause, dude. The point is that the clock restarts once a few seconds of no damage to monster, hunters, or power relay has passed.

It’s intentional. And also, I don’t see the timer that often, I tend to see it as an anomaly and a sign of a subpar game.