Win a 2K Humble Bundle from TRS!


We picked up the 2K Humble Bundle that went live today. Problem is, we already have all the games in the bundle!

So, we thought, why not give it away to the forums? You guys like free games, right?

Great. For a chance to get the bundle invite 1 friend using the forum invite tool in your profile

Then reply to this thread and let me know you did it! (I can check so no being sneaky ;)) We’ll choose someone at random tomorrow at 12pm PDT.

These games are Steam only


Well, I’ve invited someone!

Quick question, though: Do they have to accept? Because then this could get a little tricky for some people.


Nope :smile:


Ermm…am I the only one who doesn’t have an “Invites” button on his profile?


Woohoo, that’s awesome. Thanks for being so generous. :slight_smile: I have a few friends that I’ve been telling to come check out Evolve. So I’ll definitely send out some invites.
I can’t seem to find the forum invite tool however. It’s just supposed to appear in my profile next to preferences, yeah?


Invited and accepted


Check now, still no invite button?


I still don’t see it, no. I’ll try logging out and back in though.

Edit: No change so far.

Edit2: It’s there now. Cheers! :beers: I’ve sent out some invites.


I did it !.. (to be simple)


Steam? Darn, where’s the PSN bundle? lol


Didn’t enter this contest but just wanted to say, you guys are awesome!

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a dev studio do this, usually it’s the publishers.

Only reason I didn’t enter though is because I have most (all?) of these games already, lol. 2K publishes a lot of good games! So good luck to the rest of you!


Hmm… I can’t seem to invite either.


Theeeeere we go! I must have been in some sort of newbie limbo, huh? Anyway, I’ve invited a buddy of mine who is also planning on getting Evolve!


nice, i don’t actually own any of those games :stuck_out_tongue:

invite sent





I have officially invited somebody!


No invite button either fix me up plz <3


Fixed :smiley: yay


I also have no invite button :confused:


lies, i only have preference and sign out still :’(