"Willing to Wait" role preference option?


I know this has been touched before, but back when player numbers were low.
Assuming we stay this high (25K+ on PC) could there possibly be an option to wait until you can get a match guaranteed for your #1 preferred role?


That does take a lit bit longer and I think TRS wanted to have players get into matches asap


Considering you can leave without penalty before the match starts, albeit annoying, I don’t think it’s hard to find a group where you can get your preferred role. And probably easier so, than waiting to be queued for it.


i haven’t gotten to play the new s2 update, but couldn’t they also show you a preview of what role you would have once enough players have been found, and then allow you to accept or decline?


Ive been waiting for a <2mins match making for past 1 year + ( since it was released back in Feb 2015 )

Its my dream comes true now, i will play whatever character the match making system gives me.


There was a topic about this and there was a suggestion to give players the more keys the lower on their preference list their pick was. Since as I understand, ability to trade roles between hunter has been removed, it would be a welcome addition.


You can trade roles


I actually didn’t realize this prior to posting this.

Although I feel a bit pouty doing so, it is a solution if I’m REALLY feeling like only playing monster.

Just seems like a shame to make everyone else have to re-queue…


It only searches for someone to fill your spot, not the whole team. I agree it’s a little petty sometimes. And it can be annoying, but it’s not a huge deal, really.