Will You be buying this Year's Call of Duty?

T4R, think of this as a sort of social experiment. I want to see how many people are planning to by the next CoD just to get a picture as to where the series is heading.

As for me, I didn’t get Advanced Warfare, so I’m planning on passing this one up as well.

Depends, is this CoD going to blow? Past several were a disappointment, including Ghosts. ^.-

I won’t be. I regret buying current Advancd Warfare one.


Nah, i dont feel like shelling out 60 bucks for a copy-paste of a game :confused:


Probably not, I’m not much of a multiplayer man, and the singleplayer isn’t worth the price they’re offering

ive played BO2 for 504 hrs
Ghosts for 91
AW for 56
ive never touched any of the SP

nah ill pass

Not in the foreseeable future.

Though I’m glad to see that they at least pretended to try something different with AW.

Been watching the game since MW3, looks fun if you have a few buddies who can stick with you long enough or join a competitive team. But non of those are luxuries I can afford.

Plus there hasn’t been anything that really wowed me

The only FPS(people shooting people for steak) games I enjoy is Titanfall. I tried Counter Strike but the community wasn’t for me, tried BF3 and BF4 but the game felt too buggy, tried ARMA but I didn’t understand what was going on and had an easier time trying to figure how to make my hero stronger in dota2 than that…

so no… not in the foreseeable future.

Nope not going to happen.

oh hell no


AW is the first one I enjoyed in a while. Having said that, I absolutely despise the Treyarch developed COD games, so…no. Won’t be buying.


Depends how good COD looks and where this game is at in the fall. Hopefully by then there will be more monsters/hunters and maps, but judging the direction COD is headed with its recent games i will probably not buy it.


For some reason i never play much call of duties but i end up buying some of them(through key sites for 20$ never more).The only cod i played for more than 200 hours was MW2.

MW2:200 hours
BO:40 hours
Ghosts:70 hours
AW: 14 hours

But tbh call of duty:AW was kinda refreshing and cool and it is MUCH better than ghosts.Ghosts might have been their worst cod to date dunno why i have more hours in it than AW.

Anyway what im trying to say is that cod games are being shown as cool games.And you will enjoy them at start but get bored after.And then the DLC will come that you will have to buy unless you are okay to only be playing with 1000 other people who didn’t bought them while the rest of the community is playing the DLC maps.

So yeah i’m not buying this new black ops especially since its from treyarch.I like sledgehammer cods simply because of their graphics.

I feel that the last “decent” Call of Duty ended at Black Ops. Havent bought one since then.

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**** no, and I already got into a predictable Twitter ‘dispute’ with fanboys for pointing out the neverending money pit that franchise has become. We are now officially treating a WWIII simulator like an annual sports game.

My thoughts are…


I’d rather infect myself with aids than get any cod game ever.

I really found “Ghost” to be pretty funny name for a CoD game.

You have assassinated the enemy!


I kept hearing about how awesome it is from my friends. I tried it a few times, and still found it lacking.