Will Wraith get the Behemoth treatment?



So, everybody knows that Behemoth is both broken and not really built for the new meta, which is why he isnt very good, and why he isnt in the store right now. He is going through a rebalance and will probably be re-released along with his new passive.

As Behemoth is getting this nice repair work, will Wraith be seeing something similar soon? Wraith, like Behemoth, just isnt a viable character to use right now. She has been nerfed into uselessness, going so far as she was actually banned in the recent tournement. Simply put, as Behemoth is being fixed behind the scenes, will Wraith be dropped into the background as well while she gets a tune-up, or is her ‘anti-fun’ (as some people like to put it) kit simply going to be the death of her forever?

Obviosly, everybody knows she isnt any good, but there are a lot of people who still love her the same and will continue to play her reguardless of her standings against other Monsters just like Behemoth.
Will she possibly be getting some abilities reworked again? Abilities straight up changed? Is she getting a passive like the others? What is going to be done to get Wraith back out of the hole she is in? Because she desperatly needs some buffs.


Doubtful. Wraith is just weak, Bob was unplayable. His Traveral was so broken. You, a 3 storey Rock Monster, got stopped in your tracks by a 20lbs angry monkey.


Yeah, she isnt unplayable, but outside the realm of pub-stomping, she is useless. Her health and damage are too low for either to make up for the other, and while her kit is cool, her time in the Dome is just hell. And soon they are going to be giving the Decoy a seperate health bar, making it even worse because it wont even be a decoy.

I’ve done some clever little things with Decoy, sending it out from behind a wall so the Hunters chase it and I can escape, but once it gets a health bar that wont work. It uses the default skin, so unless you are also using default there is not chance of getting mixed up, and even then once it gets the health bar not even using the default skin will help.

Im not suggesting she be removed from the store like Behemoth or anything, but holy crap she really needs some help.


I totally agree, but some people still enjoy pub-stomping with Wraith, but so few liked Bob because you could get stomped by a pub team as you rolled on the spot, forever and always.


I wish bob was still with us, I mean it’s your choice, if there was a warning yeah that’d be ok, but I miss behemoth in pubs


I really cant see why Bob is not good, I played him 160 games and won about 75% of them.

and I think Bob is rather strong now especially against roaching abusers.


Agreed, but that’s tough call to say something like that. She’s VIABLE, but you have to play her a certain way. She just doesn’t have the burst to deal with most medics. You have to play properly, ambush constantly and know what you’re doing. I beat a premade made up of high tier silvers and golds this afternoon (this was after I gave up on quickplay - skill matchmaking ftw I keep getting matched up with teams in Eurasia and it’s pissing me off).

I won with 1 bar of health at S3. My saving grace was that I ambushed at S2 before going S3. The issue with other players is that the Wraith is not easy to play currently and she requires a buff to her burst damage in one form (either Decoy or SN) to be viable at the high level, couple that with her mobility being one of the hardest things to master in the game she isn’t easy to use.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m in the “The Wraith needs a buff” camp. But she isn’t straight up unplayable or even terrible.

He gets shredded too easily at the higher tiers. He’s a rare pick for me now because of how he operates. He needs particular maps (Weather Control, Distillery, cataclysm, and overpowered) and a particular build centered around MS/CS (Climb Speed)/FS (Feeding Speed) to be any good at facing a moderately competent team.

I’ll be picking him more commonly when the passive gets put out into the wild.


wraith was just reworked… look at how her decoy and movement works now.

i do not think she needs a new rework… bob def needs it badly, on pc he was never near too “op”, just a few people enjoyed him playing it om highlevel such as puggims. he was still not viable. bob has so much potential… it was always fun for me to play against bob because he feels more like a real monster than wraith does to me.


I agree that right now wraith isn’t very likely to win an even game is still possible to win providing there is an advantage (nice done location, ambush, scattered hunters) but in general just too squishy to push through a tough dome/team.

However this is still possibly in the realm of numerical changes, without a full-on rebuild like behemoth appears to be getting. Perhaps if wraith remains in her current state of either too strong or too weak the way some of her abilities work can be changed (I’m thinking decoy or abduction) but it remains to be seen how extensive the changes are to behemoth.

I think not soon, the rest of the game seems to be changing fast enough that wraith may become better or worse because of the meta rather than changes to her before shear madness is through.


Who is her?? and what kit?? I hav main wraith and want to know about this if u can share


Wraith is typically depicted as a female given her feminine body shape and more frail appearance. Same for Gordon but I think that’s more of a brood mother thing


Pub-stomp, really? Her winrate 30%. U think they can pub-stomp now? Goliath and m.Goliath best pub-stompers right now. Stop this pls…


A skilled Wraith can still pub stomp at lower tiers our with less skilled hunters. Despite her low win rate, the victories she did get are typically pretty one-sided


That’s why Devs nerf his skills dmg right? Because he can almost oneshot.
ps. Oh and hp…


Any monster can. Stop pls…


Listen dude, if your here to just stir up shit then you don’t need to be here. Fact of the matter is nothing you have said is true and you aren’t adding to the discussion


Im a kraken pubstomper 93% winrate. Let’s nerf op… Yeah and my gorgon ~85%, and my m.Goliath 92%.
You know nothing, dude… Wraith can’t pubstomp now.

ps. Any monster can pubstomp fresh new players.

ps2. In my opinion Pubstomp tierlist(current patch): Goliath = m.Goliath = Kraken > Gorgon > Kelder(after the latest patch, he can’t escape vs pugs) > Behemoth = Wraith.

btw. Behemoth and Wraith both trash tier.


Wraith is weak atm but i dont think rework worthy.
I’d guess at some point there will be a good look at her skills, but not in an extreme way, probly just things as damage and the ai of the decoy
As for passives, she’ll probably get something at some point.


A pub-stomping Monster is a Monster that is only effective vs inexperienced Hunters. So [quote=“Sharpshooter, post:15, topic:99504”]
Stop pls…

Calling the strongest Monster competitively a pub-stomper. Goliath is not a pub-stomper. Wraith is.


Honestly OG Wraith upon release of the game was when she was strongest.

She only needed a few tweaks to a few things but otherwise she was perfect.

Aside from the minor tweaks needed to her Supernova/Decoy Combo (I saw a Full Health Assault with Full Personal Shield die to that fucking thing in one single “Y” and “X” use) I was honestly suggesting to reduce her Armor and Health to be even lower (like 4 bars of Armor) and maybe 1 less Health bar per Stage up.

Some would say “What!? Are you crazy? I thought you were a Wraith supporter!”

Well yes I am crazy at times and I am always a Wraith supporter. To me this would have made it a fairer fight vs any team. The teams I fought before her nerf (and there were a lot of good teams) they’d be lucky to scratch my health enough to make a dent in my fight or flight decisions.

Her elusiveness in combat was unique to her and proper intelligent use of her kit while being a wild savage made her my perfect killing machine. In fact after I got her Elite I never used Supernova because I simply didn’t need it.

But because TRS went overboard and into some weird and angry waters we have this thing that we call “Wraith.”

She’s pretty crummy in Legacy and I can’t imagine her being any better in Stage 2.

TRS if you even care about my opinion on Wraith here’s a simple way to make her good but hard to use so only players who can actually understand her playstyle will be rewarded while the rest get stomped.

Make her like OG Wraith was although (and Ive said this before within the first few weeks of Evolve) make it so Decoy doesn’t benefit from Supernova in terms of Damage. Yes it will still look flashy and swing super fast but the DPS should equal normal Decoy Damage (which should also be toned down from what it was originally).

Then give her a small Armor and Health Pool… like really small in total across all Stages but she keeps her original speed and sneakines.

I don’t even know why I’m bothering really… it’d never happen. Heaven forbid anyone take a professional Wraith user’s opinion.