Will we see more Characters and Monsters in the future?


Evolve was a great game for me, no doubt. I particularly loved the monster designs and it was a thrill to hunt the monsters and even better, being the monster. The first DLC was amazing and I got the chance to play the behemoth and absolutely loved it. Furthermore, we got this news soon after evolve came out and were able to play it soon after. However, I was disappointed when they announced DLC2 many months later and not only that but decide to release the characters at separate times throughout an entire year. After there release a year later we waited many months longer and we have had no news of DLC3 untill stage 2 was announced. We have been promised many things and with that I ask… will we see DLC happening again? I really felt like they gave up on adding characters and more importantly monsters. I am just asking if we should expect occasional DLC packs in the future. If there is any news of this or announcements about this that can show we should see that support and content?


@MacMan had mentioned that more adaptions will be released soon and that if the Stage 2 BETA goes well enough we could possibly see additional hunters and Monsters made.

I think they are hoping to get a large enough player base back in the game by making it F2P to justify spending the money on creating more content.


Don’t hold your breath. We can’t even get the update on console.


Your specific question was “Will we see DLC happening again?”

The answer is “No”

However, the question “Will we see more Monsters/Hunters” is answered with, “It depends”

First they have to build their playerbase back up and make the game fun for a wide audience instead of the amount that play before the update.

Then they start making functional updates and fix it so that everything is working.

Then they’ll likely make a way for players who want to (very very stressful on that want to, because you will never “have to” pay for anything) to buy things. Say they’ll make it so that you can buy a brand new Monster with idk, $5 or you can get it in-game with currency for 30,000 or something (these are just fake estimates)

Finally after the ability to buy things again has been added will it be most likely that we will see new hunters/monsters again. Of course, by the time we hit this point we’ll also want Console to have joined in to our F2P shenanigans.


Yea… We want that now. Console got boned hard.


Well I think adaptations are certainly what they’re focusing on now, and they’re the next best thing to new characters since they have their own unique play styles.

I don’t think anyone can say there’ll never be more new characters like the DLC hunters and monsters, but I think the game would have to be in a certain place before that kind of investment starts to get made again.


I know. I also intend to play on Console. Even more so now that I know I can get everything with in-game currency. I long for it. My brother and my best friend both have PS4s and we rarely have anything to do for realsies on them.

I don’t get to play with a group of friends on Evolve PC, I only usually play alone. So trust me when I say I am looking forward to Console release as much as you. However, there’s a small bright side (which I know is eclipsed by the dark side of segregation). This small brightness is that when it reaches Console we’ll know everything is working and the game is alive again for real. They can’t afford the mistakes that having a Console version out currently would bring. If it didn’t work, the updates to save it on Console aren’t free.

One small bright spot in the sadness of being let down. It’s enough for me. I hope that the idea at least helps you a little.


Adaptations have a smaller development cost than entirely new characters. The team has some great Adaptation ideas too, I’m excited for them to come out!


I just want the game changes and adaptations. I don’t even care about the free to play. Never have.


Electro Griffin was discussed in the live stream, expected to drop in a number of weeks. If you are a Founder, he’ll be available for you to play immediately upon release. If you are new to the game, I believe he has to be unlocked by playing “x” number of days out of the month. There is already a thread on the forums about it.


Is there a thread about Electro Griffin anywhere? I missed the stream. :frowning:
How much has been revealed about him?


Nothing much. @GentlemanSquirl said he was short range and @Insane_521 said he was good at guitar. Then they said 2 weeks til available.


Thanks for the crazy fast reply CursdFox!!! I haven’t had time to read through all the threads like I want to. And I hate not having a PC, more than ever right now. Normally when an update drops, I play for a few hours and work my head around all the changes. I’m a hands-on learner. Reading all the patch notes gives me the gist of everything, but until I play for myself it’s hard picturing how different everything is. I feel so left out. :frowning:
Back on topic, I can’t wait to see Electro Griffin!!! I hope he actually has a guitar. :smiley:


Same here. I just watched the stream this morning. That’s the only reason I knew anything about it lol.