Will we see a Wyvern Based Monster?


What are the odds we will see a two legged, two winged , wyvern like monster? A wraith sized flying monster with poison based abilities, and fights in the air like the new Elder Kraken. Your thoughts?


About the same amount of likelyhood that we will see any kind of monster. Slim.


We can’t loose hope just yet.


I’m not losing hope. You seem to misunderstand what I mean, so let me explain.

There are literally thousands of different designs they could make for monsters. Possibly tens of thousands. BUT, for the purpose of this explanation, let’s say there were only a hundred limitable choices to choose from. Every monster would only have a 1% chance of being chosen to be worked on. That means your “Wyvern”. 1% is a slim chance, no? Especially when compared with ninety-nine other possible choices with the same amount of likely hood. Now compare that to thousands of choices. That’s very slim, wouldn’t you agree?

I think they will make another tier. Just gut feeling. But your idea for a poison dragon is just as likely to make it as a worm that uses tree sap to fight. Slim.


Oh now I see.


I’ve always liked the idea of dragons and especially liked the idea of more flying Monsters. Unfortunately given the mass salt the community has for Kraken I’d say it’s not a popular opinion. That’s from observation and evidence.

###EDIT: Turns out from my evidence from September 57% of over 100 people say they’d like to see more winged Monsters.


Well, it’s actually less likely to see something directly based off of a “real” myth, because TRS tends to deviate from the norm when designing Monsters. Also, because fur and feathers might be completely out of the question. The physics of them would cause a lot of trouble with clipping, and even game performance would be lowered with their presence on-screen. That’s likely why we currently don’t have any mammalian creatures anywhere on Shear.


Wyvern dont have feathers or fur. I’m also talking about its likeness much like they took a spin on behemoth and kraken. Oh also gorgon.


Wow, I had a wyvern confused with a very different creature. That’s my bad.

In any case, now that I’m aware that I goofed, I agree with the dragon-like design. Although, we already have a poison/acid based Monster. Seems redundant to have two.


That is true it would prove counterintuitive to have two poison based monsters.So what type would you recommend?


I don’t know. Haven’t had an ice type, but that doesn’t fit Dragons well. Spyro and Skyrim don’t count, they’re not real dragons.

Hard to come up with stuff that hasn’t been done in one way or another.


Firstoff: Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Second: Many people would like to see a dragon/wyvern monster.

Let’s see if my assuption is true:

  • A Dragon monster would be cool
  • Wyverns are better!
  • IunnoM8
  • Ew dragons

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I feel like an Ice Wyvern would fit. We’ve already got fire, lightning, poison, and earth. I think something Ice based would be cool (pun absolutely intended). And then bring some snowy ice maps as well.


A dragon-based monster like this would be perfect.

It could use it’s wings for melee attacks :smiley:


An awesome fire breathing dragon with abduction style attacks (think eagle swooping in and carrying you off) but the smallest armor and health pool of any monster for a trade off.

I’m thinking really small. Maybe start at three and end at 6 for health. But its trade off is it flies fast and far and is very speedy so it can make quick escapes.


man a monster like gore magala in evolve would be awesome!


Bat Monster


Some do depending on the franchise


Make this happen TRS!


Are there any “real” dragons, though?

Skyrim’s dragons seem pretty believeable to me, despite their wingspans being a bit short.