Will we see a Leviathan Like Monster in Evolve


The Leviathan was a large serpent depicted in old texts. A large serpent like creature that lived in the oceans of the old world. They could convert it into a burrowing type monster that lives on the land as if it where an ocean. How do you guys feel about this new idea?


they canned this idea before.


There are already Leviathans that are written into the lore of the game. They won’t be converted to Monsters and there are several corpses of them that can be found in-game.


Yes sharing his thoughts, no need to crush his dreams :stuck_out_tongue:


Just pointing out its already been brought up multiple times.


Leviathan like is what I should of put huh.


also technical difficulties.



There is one other problem. They want the monsters to relate to the players.


What is a leviathan???



Oh my​:neutral_face::neutral_face:
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Isn’t it already in Evolve?

It was going to have a purpose


Technically, yes. But it’s not kill able or playable.


Well, since there are no water maps or deep water areas where one could be, it makes since why there aren’t any in the game.

The only way I see it being playable would be if they made a new Monster inspired by the Leviathan, kinda like this


Or they put it in the distance on Weather Control.


Oh shit that’s really cool.


I’m not sure about a Leviathan as a Monster, but it would be nice to see another monster to bring up to an even six. Personally I would like to see a scorpion based monster that does a lot of over time poison damage.


Make a topic :slight_smile:


Never forget.


I don’t think it would be an overly popular idea as we already have a “spider”. A lot of this just comes from be being really creeped out by scorpions.