Will we know what we are fighting?


So the question is, will the monsters be known to the hunters before the match during selection, since there will be more than one monster? And the same question, in the opposite sense, will the monsters know who the hunters are?


This is a good question. After all, the hunters do need to be able to plan it out


I imagine there’ll be a mode where you don’t know what you’re up against for players who want a challenge


Oh undoubtedly, but the rest of the time


the devs answered this with currently yes in one of their posts


Awesome. If so then that’s a game mode they should add for those looking for a challenge!


Where if I mayt ask?


it was in one of the countless interviews tried to find it again but had no luck -.-


In the demo they’ve shown at pax east, when you play hunt and everyone has given their characters perks/abilities (for the monster) you see all of the characters together on the screen just before the match starts


But not before? This is what I am wondering…


I’m not really sure what you mean


I think what @Ricky_Anderson is saying is while you’re selecting your character, do you already know who/what other players have picked if you, like, sag back a few seconds to maybe try and pick last? Or is it everyone choosing blindly until everyone has picked, at which point all the chosen characters pop up together?


Oh right, in that case then I can answer that. I think you only see your character whilst choosing, but you can see the name of the characters other people have chosen at the bottom (see photo)


Ok, thanks - makes sense!


Thank you @Gamer_Goat and @Plaff.
If it was blind pick than okay, but if not than it could be a gameplay mode.