Will we have to wait weeks or will balance changes come quicker?



You said in a thread that balancing was just a matter of tweaking numbers and could be done quickly. Will we see any balance changes soon?


They may have underestimated the sheer amount of “tweaking” that they have to do so it will probably take them awhile.

Besides, some of us still cannot access multiplayer consistently so that should be their top priority. It would be nice if they at least acknowledged it.


Yes, but they will come with a price tag.


We have to get the “micropatching” system in-place first. It’s in testing right now. Probably a few weeks away from deploying that system. Once in place, balance updates can happen very regularly.

This is also a good time to let the game simmer a bit. Players are new. The game has only been out for two days. We have to be careful not to react too quickly. Sometimes players will discover counters to things that initially seemed OP. We definitely see the balance changing as player level increases for example. Need to let the dust settle first before we start making changes.

Hang in there. Stay strong. Keep providing feedback and don’t worry. We’re not going anywhere. :wink:


There may be a lot that needs tweaking but at least nothing is completely broken (except for Wraith) so it is not that bad. Personally I would love stand alone game modes of Nest and the others without having to go into Evacuation but those are not game breaking issues.

As for the Wraith, well you know its overpowered a bit when I am playing solo with balance favored towards hunters and it wipes out my team in less than 20 seconds. No other monster can do that and frankly it makes me want to put the game away and play something else. I am now to the point of simply never selecting the Wraith as a playable opponent which means I am missing out on a large part of the game.



Since I have not been able to find anything, and it seems to not have been fixed since Beta weekend I have a question. How do you fight the wraith? I mean how would you do it?

It feels like the Wraith can decide when to fight and not be caught at all. I dont mind losing to Goliath or kraken at all as it feels like a fight that can be won. Wraith from beta and now seems impossible to win against. I am just really frustrated and do not want to play a game if there is a wraith. Please help :frowning:


Will you make a sticky with all the updates, similar to the post-beta one?

I can’t wait for all the changes we’ll be getting every now and then. I hope they are big. One of the best things in games like this is hearing that your favorite character just got buffed, or part of another characters kit has been changed so that now it’s enjoyable to you and applies to your play-style. Oh,so much awesomeness awaits us…


Excellent attitude to have. I do feel some things need a little tweaking but there’s no need to rush it. Just so long as you do bring the changes when they are needed.


Just to give you some quick tips to help you out

  1. Wraith decoys are invulnerable, will visually glimmer and always attack using this its very easy to spot the decoy it normally only takes me about two seconds or less to tell by baring this in mind

  2. There is no point in attacking the decoy, talk with your team and you can check areas quickly to find the real thing

  3. Like all monsters when you try to trap the wraith its best to sneak the dome on it rather then try to fight it only for it to run and for the dome to miss

  4. The wraith has terrible armour and health, two good domes on a wraith with decent damage is enough to kill it even at level 3

  5. The wraith excels at picking off hunters and exploiting weaknesses, the best way to counter this to take the fight to the wraith

  6. Don’t fight her under supernova unless you have a hank shielding you or an assault shield up otherwise her damage can be too much

  7. Cover abductions, if you get grabbed run to your team, if your team mates gets grabbed then run to him so one is left exposed

  8. Be careful of her aoe its her main source of damage output overall so dont hug your team mates

  9. This is the most important, talk to and work with your team at all times, if your team works together then the wraith cant exploit her usual tricks and even during beta before the nerf good teams could shut her down completely which is even more Effective now

Hope this helps, I have more but I just got sick of typing :wink:


u could watch some vods from sacriel (www.twitch.tv/sacriel) hes a damn good wraith and played a alot vs the dev team (with the vanilla wraith)


Thanks for the reply. @MacMan will you be balancing perks as well? Both the ones you choose and the ones you pick up ingame from elites? In case any are underperforming.


Wraith is not completely broken lol.