Will we have the Numerical stats for each character on release?


This was something that I think is important for players of all levels.

While in the client, I was not aware of any way to discover any of the numerical stats of nearly all of the abilities available in the game. for example, as the monster when you are choosing abilities, each rank describes it’s damage as a percentage of a base number that is not told to us. That level of ambiguity was rather frustrating for me.

There is also no way to know how much damage an ability or gun does for the hunters. Knowing The max hp of a hunter (as a numerical value), how much health a strike reduces that health (as a numerical value), how much damage a Griffin Harpoon does (as a numerical value), how much damage a single Markov mine does (as a numerical value), the Range of the Trapper dome, and countless others are pieces of information that I don’t feel like i need to tab out of the game to search for.

Will there be a way to find this information easily by the players? It does not need to be in your face every match, but it also does not need to be in the form of a spreadsheet.



I’d love to have these stats too.


This is related to the Thread that could be refered to as “Damage Numbers” but either way i believe it needs to be put in the game at the very least the base value of damage each skill or gun does-how long cloak cloaks for and heals heal for etc this would also provide more feedback on guns like hyde’s flame thrower to let you know if your are actually hitting the monster .


@macman any chance?


I’m pretty satisfied with this.
@darkinwolf, thanks for the thread redirect

Sorry for repost xD