Will we ever see Sunny's Sticky Grenades ever?


Sunny’s in game dialogue refers her primary as the sticky grenades. but in the game its just a another grenade launcher that just so happen to be called a Nuke Grenade.
Maybe it could be re purpose for an adaptation?

I just want to go on a Sticky bomb massacre on Shear.


Maybe in her adaptation. I could definitely foresee it. Especially since, with certain characters (namely EK), adaptations had previously conceited ideas that were scrapped for the official versions.


What would be the point of sticky grenades in evolve? Would the monster be able to get them off or would she be able to attach it to a surface that the monster could then make contact with to get the sticky grenade to attach to him? If the only reason would be delayed damage I don’t see the point myself.


I think explosion on contact but stick to surfaces would be nice.

Would sort of be like Kala now though…


I guess the thing about sticky grenades in other multiplayer games is that you can pass them over to other players through contact. Would that concept work in evolve? It would essentially be an ability concept capable of friendly fire, (Maybe hunters get stunned for a short period of time rather than taking damage) which is something evolve has avoided up till now, except in the form of knockbacks.


Sticking to a person could be cool. It’s like pounce security. Monster grabs and they blow up.

Sort of has a suicide bomber feel… Not sure how well that would go over.


I think that it would be fire, prep (part of the reload animation) and when you fired again it would explode AND shoot another one. It would also coat the monster in some weird shit that would give their outline if you wanted it to activate later


So, delayed damage? I don’t think that captures what the sticky grenade is about.


Its mainly so you can deal fast damage that will show you the location. I think OS already covers damage pretty well


Lemme put it this way. Sticky grenades are about panic, you place one on someone and they should be struggling desperately to get it off. I think it is missing the point if it is impossible to get off and is essentially just guaranteed damage once it lands. There would be no panic, no struggle, just acceptance as the monster tanks the damage.