Will we ever see more minion types?


I know TRS have said that cause of gameplay and tech reasons that only Goliath minions are in the game, But as time goes on will we ever see Kraken or Wraith or Behemoth minions? Maybe in a new mode?


Would be cool. You’d never know which he’d have.

Defend could spawn random ones each time.

Each egg in nest could spawn a different one as well.

Would be awesome.


Would be cool thats for sure


I would love little behemoth minions! They would be so awesome!

Kraken minions sound terrifying though!!!


Would make minions more unpredictable :slight_smile:


I would definitely love to see different minions
Baby Krakens and Behemoths so cute you just cant bring yourself to killing them!!!


Can imagine little Krakens now xD Minion Behemoth would still be big haha xD


Can’t imagine Wraith minions. If decoy picks up on supernova then I imagine other wraith’s would as well. Can you imagine endless supernova with 3 Wraiths? (2 baby, 1 momma)


I know your saying that as a bad thing but sounds pretty hilarious xD


Unless they add another gamemode I could only really see behemoth becoming a minion


I asked this once before. But apparently it was originally conceived, and decided against. The minions are supposed to be a scrappy in order to apply pressure for defend modes and otherwise.

I really wanted minions based on the model that you used when hatching them.