Will we ever get a 5.1 audio track for this game?


One of my favorite aspects of the game is how feasible it is to play with a controller competitively. Unfortunately, the pc version lacks any type of advanced audio options.

I can only imagine how awesome it would be to place this game in my home theater room on a 5.1 mix, but that doesn’t seem to be an available option. For a game that relies on sound queues this is a huge disappointment. Is this something that we’ll ever see?

On a side note, being able to pop the minimap on your hud permanently would be lovely as well. Those are my only two non glitch complaints with the game thus far!


I’m not 100% positive on this, but I believe the game uses 5.1 audio when your Windows Playback Device is set to 5.1, @Maleficus is this the case?


I hope you’re right! Since we haven’t had an official response, I’ll go test it and see if it’s actually pumping out different channels.

Regardless, the options in the sound menu would be nice to have.


is there 5.1 supported audio on the xbox one? since im using turtlebeach haha


Fairly sure it works for PC at least, my headset is doing 5.1. It’s great for tracking. And hiding for that matter.


There’s a high chance that’s your headphones simulating a 5.1 track.


Maybe, not sure. But I tested and it works in a full 360 having people walk around me.


I can confirm that Evolve does offer a 5.1 track.


Yeah I’m currently using a 7.1 headset (Razer Tiamat) and the surround sound has been excellent.


That’s correct! The audio engine is supposed to detect the outputs your system supports (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1) and uses the highest available. For XB1 and PS4, we’re always pushing 7.1.

Of course, if you have a TV / headset that only supports stereo, that’s all you’ll hear. =)


Appreciate the response. The game sounds phenomenal on a 5.1 track. It completely changes the experience as tracker.


Congrats on the Audio man, it’s amazing! I love being able to track by audio when the monster forgets to sneak. It makes it much more immersive.