Will we be getting randomized bots?


So In single player when you’re playing the monster all the hunters are randomized, but in Multiplayer when there’s an open slot it’s always tier one. Will this ever be changed to be randomized?


They said it was being fixed, but I don’t think it will be put into the game into the next big update.


It is random.
I think T1 is just more likely to be chosen since they are more well rounded.


Is this still different between consoles and PC?


it didn’t use to be, but now on console the bots aren’t always T1


You sure? I never see bots randomized in multiplayer.


I still get T1 most of the time, but there have been games when I’ll get an Abe or a Lazarus bot with no player having connected during the selection screen.


Hm. Well I wonder why I haven’t seen it. Oh well. I’ll hopefully see it eventually


It doesn’t happen too often, so either they have it set so it doesn’t randomize all the time or I’ve just been experiencing some really cool bugs lol


its only on pc


I play on xbox, and have never seen a random AI other than tier 1. It’s randomized in single player for both hunters or monster, but I’ve never seen that in multiplayer.

Again, this is something that has been brought up since launch or during beta, and it’s still not addressed. I like to imagine if this game had only been delayed another year before launching. It would have been so much more successful.

I hope TRS gets a chance at a new ip or even evolve 2 a couple years from now.


It’s only on PC - consoles still always get the t1 bots. If you’ve seen others its likely due to a connection issue. Sometimes the game will be full but I won’t see all of the other slots filled - connection issue I think. They will pick a different character and may lag out or quit.


I hope not. Hank, Maggie and Markov are good. Imagine an ai Sunny that doesn’t use her jetpack booster. I’d say switch Val with Caira.


Just a little variety would be nice - when I go to boot up matchmaking, I mentally prepare myself for a t1 role.


It’s only on PC for now. It is coming to the next title update.


Yes, yes, we heard. Winter is coming. There will be dragons. I got it already.