Will we be able to buy the Evolve headsets at PAX East?


i would really like if you can buy thos evolve headsets they look really cool if you can buy them how much will they cost

Headsets for Evolve?

It’s funny because I asked about this myself today. The headphones themselves are the XP7 make, which lets you change the headphone plates to what you want. Here’s official word from Turtle Beach on the Evolve headphone plates:

Evolve speaker plates for Turtle Beach headset

thanks for the info


Dude I would totally buy a Goliath Headset… hell, I’d buy all 5 headsets!


me to i would like the goliath headset


You’d only need to buy the plates (if they go on sale that is), you can take them out and replace them


Very well then, I will buy the Headset and then buy all of the plates… and I will switch them out to match whatever class I am playing for a particular game.


LOL, sounds like a lot of work. Why not just buy 5 headsets and save urself some hassle?


Keep in mind that the X22 make (used for Evolve) is £250 per headset


And your point is? LMAO. That’s ONLY like $1250 (my keyboard doesn’t have your prefix)


Only? That’s pretty expensive, man. At least to me. Maybe I’m just poor


I’m joking lol. I can’t even afford one lol


Is it bad that I thought you were being serious? But yeah neither can I, although I am trying to save up for a cheaper pair that I can use on a PS4


Lol, I wish I had that kind of money lmao


that is pretty close to the entire cost of my computer :stuck_out_tongue:


a pc for 250 bucks? :wink:


My old one yeah. Got it used :stuck_out_tongue: Just bought this one with a 32" HDTV for 1300… Its much better :stuck_out_tongue: