Will Wasteland Maggie be properly rebalanced for 9.0?


Nearly every ranked game I play is vs WLM. Over and over and over again. She has the best dps and the best CC.


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mad mags is like kraken (and slightly behemoth) are Flavors of the Month right now because they are slight (or stupidly) broken so people in ranked tend to abuse characters/tactics that get wins because they think winning equals fun rather than a good ol’ fashioned close game.


Ok my issue is mostly the flame harpoon trap. That one harpoon trap is better then 3 of Maggie’s harpoon traps. It’s hard to gauge how much dps she does when you are fighting 3 hunters, Thunder child will have to sort out her actual dps. What does WLM give up compared to regular Maggie besides Daisy health? Her harpoon deploys at a farther range, arms faster, and has longer range. All you need is one trap to stop a monster. Having one trap at this current level of balance is better then 3 of the regular traps.

My suggestion is to tone down the flame harpoon trap.


Her harpoon is great, but Griffin’s harpoon is still better, just like Hank’s shield is better (more reliable) than Sunny’s drone. I think real issue with WLM is that her damage is slightly too high overall. But just a bit.


Either she gets the fire damage with shitty monster control or has awesome monster control with way less fire damage


Her harpoon is far superior to Griffin’s. Griffin can miss due to poor skill, good monster evasion, and/ or latency issues. Wasteland Mags? Nope. The only way she’ll miss a harpoon is if the monster isn’t near it or she simply doesn’t place one down.


Wasteland Maggie just brings too much damage. As much as Bucket used to and he got nerfed for it…

Her harpoon is not bad either. A good griffin is better but that doesn’t matter, she makes it up in damage. She needs a nerf no question.


I’m pretty sure that Mags is getting a slight damage nerf in the coming patch. Which is a good thing, because she’s far too effective currently. 9 out of 10 matches I participate in, I see her.


Or maybe people like to use her just because she is fun and easy to play


Most people have fun by winning matches, and thus pick the strongest option. Not because she’s fun as a character, but because the rewards are easier to attain and people consider that more fun.


A slight damage nerf isn’t what she needs, though. It’s that damn harpoon that snags you from 30 meters away every few seconds.


I’m not taking some random guy’s poor skill into consideration, or any other excuses like latency. Not playing with tools.


IMO the biggest problem with WL Maggie is the combination of the long range and quick activation time of the harpoons. Something needs to be slightly toned down there.


Always asking for a nerf everytime something annoys a monster…

Honestly guys…

WM has only one harpoon, when it traps the monster, you can’t put another one on the ground at the same time because it will break the first one, i.e you have to wait that the monster breaks it or turn to break it to put another one on the ground.

WM is balanced atm, she just need a small dmg nerf but nothing else. If you can’t handle to be “harpooned” 30 times in a game then you suck.

With 1st Maggie version (5 deployables), we were able to harpoon the monster more than 80 times in a game… This was annoying.

A high skilled Griffin is still better than WM as you can really choose when you harpoon the monster.


Personally I don’t think she is OP, but her general strategy does make her very powerful:

Back when there where only 3 trappers Maggie was fairly good at finding monsters quickly due to Daisy, but she didn’t do a lot of damage. On the other hand Abe was the best combat trapper but he struggled to find monsters quickly. His tracking ability really came into play mid-late game where most of the wildlife had been tagged and the team was in the chase.

This sort-of balanced their damage out a bit, as Abe was more likely to fight stage 2 & 3 whereas Maggie was better at working out where a monster was early on and doming it quickly.

Compare this to WLM. She has high damage potential (like Abe) but she is also good at finding monsters quickly and doming them early. Couple that with her flame-snare which is incredibly reliable and useful, and you have a trapper with a reliable CC, mostly reliable tracking (that doubles for damage like Jack) and a decent weapon.

Those are just some observations on WLM. If it were up to me I’d reduce the range on her flame-snare so Maggie is better at CC whereas WLM is better at damage.

TL;DR - Mad Mags is good at finding monsters quickly and doing a ton of damage. Other combat trappers like Abe can struggle with early-game tracking. Plus her flame-snare is really good.


Even WLM players have said her harpoon is OP. How Griffin is better? WLMs Harpoon never misses and good players use it actively all the time because low cooldown. Even high skilled Griffin misses time to time. Tell me how you can avoid to be harpooned in battle? Lenght is so long it’s basically impossible.


Wasteland Maggie

Her overall damage output should be nerfed by 40-50% and even after the Nerf she still has highest trapper damage output

Duration of residual burned damage should be less by 1.5 second

WLM has the best CC in the game

Snare : suggesting higher activation time by 2 more seconds

Why most players don’t notice the high damage ??
Because it’s consistent … it’s not like a mortar (1 hit will remove 2 bars ) it does less impact dmg but more burned damage - higher accuracy


I almost only use her now and occasionally Griffin.

I’ve always been a Crow & Maggie player, but the benefit that Waggie has over the other trappers are greatly eclipsing any cons she may have (if there’s any). Because of this I along with many PTW players pick her so often.

pros on Waggie and why she is my masterace.

Damage is the most consistent of any trapper
Reliable Tracking, that also works as another hunter that does damage
Cc has a very strong spammy nature, has great range
Very reliable at protecting herself ,
Primary has good accuracy and the clip size synergies pretty easily with the rest of her kit
the most consistent trapper regardless of monster stage, making her very good early all the way to end game.
CC does damage.
Has a giant er… shaped flamethrower.

Devs have mentioned that her harpoons are too good, and that they’ll be looking for some things to change about it.