Will TRS keep updating the game every week now that Shear madness is over?


Pretty much what the title says c:


They did before the month as well I believe, so my guess would be yes


I think the plan will be to keep tweaking and patching every week, but the content releases and big changes are going to slow down.


Will TRS keep updating the game every week now that Shear madness is over?

That’s the plan!

We’re planning on weekly updates (ie bug fixes, qol changes, balance updates, etc), but you’ll definitely see content (characters, map variants, etc) less often. Shear Madness was crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Future patching of evolve


finally we can concentrate on the important stuff!



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Lets hope not, if they keep adding content they will never get this mess balanced out or bug fixed.

They need to do 1 content update per month and then spend the rest of the month balancing it with micro patches, or if possible small server side changes.

We need the content to stabilize so they can get to a some what bug free and balanced state so they can find a build somewhere in the mess that is stable enough to send over to consoles.

This weekly patch thing seems to hurt more then it helps, maybe they feel if they throw enough content at it the quantity will out weigh the quality? Basically bury the bugs and issues with more content?

Consider how ti effects the end game which should be console relaunch, weekly patches will never allow that.


I find it hilarious that people consider the games balance a “mess”.


The entirety of the balance isnt the only issue, some of it is fine, other parts are not.

Its the left over and seemingly forgotten bugs, certain abilities rendered useless then never spoken about again, glitches, hacking, heck even core aspects of the original game having to be put down to foster friendlyness to new players instead of just keeping them in a safer area util they know square 1.

All this catering to lack of knowledge is worth how much once people learn to actually play the game 20-30hrs in?

Most people play hunter so hunters get more attention in patches and updates, can make monster players feel less important to the games playerbase, but how awesome would this game be without them?

You need ying and yang, as yang doesnt want to ying.

And to take a product with known bugs and imbalances some would consider gamebreaking and just keep stuffing more completely unbalanced content into it seems unresponsible and hazardous to the games longevity.

They need to stop adding and start polishing, get what we have working better before breaking it further with additional complications.

Add something, stabilize the game, then add something and stabilize the game, etc.

Dont add, add, add, then fix something from the first add in the next add patch, lol. that is like 3 steps backward for each step forward.

If something is off, stop adding stuff until it feels better.


The way I consider it a mess is like this:

Too many variables and things trying to work in tangent with frayed wires here and there.

The way they tackle balancing is far more complicated than it needs to be in my opinion and due to the complication of it all it makes it unbalanced.


And how do they tackle balancing, @10shredder00, in your own words?


Well regardless of what I’ll say I’ll be shooting myself in the foot but for the most part they tackle balance fairly well.

If you look at balance in the mid-level sort of skill then you have a decent balance. Hunters and Monsters generally have fun and it’s a balanced game but TRS attempts to balance everything all at once. They try to make a pubbing experience not unbearable and to do so Hunters need buffs but then they also try to make it possible for Monsters at a higher level so then Monsters need to be strong no matter the buffs they give Hunters.

They attempted to solve this with the “Solo Queue” benefits system that gives parties of one to three benefits that they wouldn’t otherwise have such as increased HP and movement speed. This to me just adds unnecessary complexity and further imbalance. What if a team of four relatively experienced and coordinating pubs meet? Then they have completely unnecessary buffs against that team.

They also attempt to please the community by listening to them and adjusting things if numbers match up with the claims made; this can be good but many times it isn’t. Characters like Lazarus, Torvald, Lennox; these people are controversial as they have all had threads saying OP, UP, balanced, and more. Lennox who used to be a 4x multiplier now only goes up to 2.8x (or something around there), more than a 50% nerf.

They added the Planet Scanner and all Dome to remove Stealth and FT3 which in the long run proves to also be a controversial change given that new players want to Stealth and want to be rewarded for it.

Overall the balance is generally nice but the way they go at it is problematic. Rather than changing systems already in place they add more systems and complicate it all.

I would go into much further depth and am willing to later but I am being rushed out of the house to go someplace… again.


Seriously? I thought it was people stacking a bunch if DR perks.


I have a question - Why when Evolve was 60 bucks patches were coming once in a blue moon , but now that is free to play, patches are dropping every week ?


Because there are no plans for stage 3 just yet.


Consoles, basically, and the propensity for human beings to get their underwear in a twist.


As I understand it, the first patch for the original game didn’t come out until a month after launch. What they were constructing was not simply a patch for the game but rather a system to allow for easy deployment of future patches. While this can be construed as poor initial planning on TRS’s part, it’s likely that the existence of the aforementioned system is the reason why they’re able to adjust so quickly now.


Did you even read the dev’s answer?

They literally said they’re going to focus on balance and bugfixing instead of releasing new content.



I’m not too worried about new content only things I’m really interested in are the return of Behemoth and hopefully getting some of the old maps revamped and brought to Stage 2 (not variants).


Right, now that they did the opposite for the last two months.