Will TRS do anything against the annoying troll Monsters?


I mean that Monster Players who never end a match and leave the last Hunter or Daisy alive so u get a 40 minutes Match for nothing and like 10 Deaths on the Leaderbords in 1 Match its so annoying since release of the Game

I know u can run in a plant or leave but is this really the right way ?


There will always be Trolls in games, I’m afraid. : /


Every game has its trolls who take advantage of loose ends that, unfortunately, can’t be tied up for gameplay’s sake.


yeah sadly Mortal Kombat X is unplayable online for new players because of this noob troll spammer who try everything to win in a game -.-


same on killer instinct :frowning: every match give me a teabag


I’d play it if they didn’t butcher the Alien’s design. -twitches slightly-


Yeah, this is, unfortunately, the one thing that will probably never be preventable.

Trust me, I’ve faced my fair share of people like this in Agent Hunt so I know how frustrating it can be. I dislike quitting games, but when a player puts you in a position where you can’t win and then just refuses to progress, sometimes it’s better to just cut your losses and leave.