Will this be the new trend now, new monster variations for each of the original 1s?

I guess at some point we will have new variations of Kracken,Wraith,BoB or is the Goliath a one off…?

From what I have seen around the forums it’s been confirmed that they’d all be getting a variant of some kind. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

No idea I would like to see other variations of characters!

And me but that would surely make all the original 1s obsolete…?

maybe they should have some draw backs and some advantages otherwise it’s kind of stupid

They already do.

Meatier Goliath Sacrifices Raw Damage and Longer Cool Downs for Residual Fire Damage on abilities and having Longer Range.

Now they may need to be tuned a little but it lets you play a familiar character in a different style.


All Monsters will be getting adaptions, or at least it’s planned. MG already has downsides as @TomsMeatPlatter already stated.

It will almost be certainly

Goliath is raw power. Meteor Goliath is about better utility in the sacrifice of damage.

As long as the Kraken variation doesn’t have an extra large Aftershock, I am intrigued by what they are doing. It will certainly add more variety without having to make a big, complicated monster model.

If this is the case, I can see all current hunters getting small passive abilities like Lennox’s knockback reduction too. This has already been speculated but it would coincide well with the new monster variants.

Behemoth switched with ice? Lol

Thanks for clearing that up then i didn’t know any of that,i still think he’s better than vanilla Goliath just for pure looks alone lol

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Agreed 10cha

next will be Fun-to-Play-Against Kraken


I don’t think such a thing exists