Will they update the ending cutscenes?


As I finished an Evac campaign this weekend, this question came to my mind.

Since they’ve got four whole new hunters and the Behemoth, it seems they should make a new ending cutscene, you know? The particular Defend I was playing had a Behemoth matching against us, and he managed to win. Not to mention I was rocking Torvald, so it seems unusual to see a cutscene that doesn’t feature either character.

This isn’t a complaint or anything, it’s just something I thought about. Heck, it’s not even really necessary, as I’m sure people usually skip it by now after seeing it so much. I’m sure it would be a lot of work to already animate a whole other set of cutscenes with the game only being two months old, but it was an interesting thing to me nonetheless.

With all the rage people feel towards T4 lately, I’m sure they’d enjoy seeing them smashed up by the monsters, aha (joke joke).


Apparently not :frowning: I already asked.


you could use your imaginations on either ending the T4 hunters escape :wink: explaining why they are not there


Awh, man! I wasn’t expecting it anytime soon, but I kind of would’ve liked it eventually


Haha, they used their “OP powers” to gtfo there, and Behemoth’s weakspot prevented him from showing up to the final party. Stomach problems, you know.


especially with sunny’s infinite jet pack lol


I agree! I really wanted to see Sunny zoom in and “save the day”… again ^^ and roll out their new hunters video at around that time.

I SUSPECT that they WILL evolve the plot and videos when they create an EXPANSION GASP
I suspect they will probably come out with another 5 mission style event centered more around the storyline and advancing the plot some more.

There were a lot of facilities left behind
Possible VIP mad scientists that refused to abandon their research.
Mad scientists that were not part of the colony that may know something about where they came from.
A crashed ship or meteor that was used to bring the monsters to Shear, that must be checked to seek answers.
And of course… a monster NEST with a monster QUEEN!

Muahahaha… Maybe… :smile:


I’d like to see T4 represented in the idle menu vids too.


While I would love it if the devs to update the ending cutscene… it would just become more crowded with each new Teir of characters.
Either that or different maps could have some altered cutscenes.