Will they bring gold skins back to evolve for the monsters


Turtle rock gave people gold skins if they played a certain day but some people such as my self did not even have the game at the time so we are wondering if turtle rock will bring them back for a limited time such as in a limited time DLC pack or a different thing so if turtle rock reads this please bring back gold skins


It was a limited time event for the purpose of thanking the dedicated fans who not only bought the game early but held onto it through the rough launch. So I doubt it.

If it’s any consolation…they really aren’t that great.


It think it’s fair that not everybody has them. Otherwise they would lose their importance as some special reward to dedicated fans. By definition, latecomers are not dedicated fans.


i was dedicated… playing everyday i had until i realized my 2k account wouldnt connect and i just murdered my chance of getting them


Really hard to hide when you’re all shiny and golden.


Doesn’t look that nice either.


I thought they were possibly doing a Behemoth gold skin, I’m sure eventually they’ll give them away again.


Elite skins are better. Just gotta work for them.


Bog skins are far superior to gold ^.^
I appreciate the gesture at least


I got my elite skin for behemoth and I’m over gold skins FYI I’m 13 and I didn’t even have a Xbox one when this game came out and I also new about this game way before it even came out and I had to do a bunch of yard work jobs take out trash now neighbors yards pay for gas for riding lawn mower because we’re I live each house has 3-120 acres so you now could you kinda back of with the dedicated player crap just a little I would appreciate it don’t feel bad though my mom buys me all kinds of stuff I just had to work a bit to get what I wanted this time


And I’m in all pre ap classes and I have to do a bunch of home work every day


Good for you i guess??? I cant tell what your reason for saying that was


Because he wants you yo know he’s mature enough for gold skins and that his mother buys him games he’s too young for like GTA 5… And let’s him corral with grown men on the internet… Duh


Meh thats reasonable