Will they add a new planet?


I’ve been wondering about this for awhile. Will they add factor? It could be a new mode like scouting or something, but it would be sweet to finally see factor and learn what actually happened there XD


No, Evolve is only focused around Shear.


They said that other worlds were originally sleighted, but too much work would be needed to create a different set of wildlife. Instead they will just have different locations/environs


And factor wouldn’t make sense. How would you play evacuation and end up with a factor map. This game takes place after factor and this team was created afterward as well.


Maybe they could add a new ending to evac where if you lose the final day as hunters the monster spread to another planet but only as a cutscene.


Day 1-5 we Evacuate. (Shear)
Day 6-10 we regroup. (Shear + 4-X Teirs)
Day 250-255 we fight back. (Factor, reclaiming it) :smiley:


How long will it take to play a 255 day evacuation?


(There’s a Portal 2 reference)


It takes 250 days to travel there. (Total guess) The Campaign is still 5 days. Instead of Nest Hunt Rescue, we’ll have Hunt, Reclaim, and Hive. Reclaim you take back territory for supplies/resources/ground and Hive you burn out brood mothers/egg nests :smiley:


Let’s see, 255 days, 5 days per regular evacuation, takes average 45 minutes to finish evacuation, 60 minutes in an hour, 255 / 60 = 4.25. About four hours yay.


Sounds great to me, we don’t need a new planet.

Shear, like Earth, could hold near unlimited maps in a game. ^.-


Ocean Map, Ocean Map, Ocean Map


I want an ice cave map, and a volcanic map personally…


I want to know what that unicorn whale thing is on the weather tower map.


A Leviathan.


I’m pretty sure the scientific term is starwhal :stuck_out_tongue:



I know what it is lol I just couldn’t resist “unicorn whale” especially since they played starwhal on the live stream :slight_smile:


no they will not