Will there ever be balance?


Another complaint thread! It seems hard to find balance in this game, I like playing as the monster but find it so stressful now. seems every hunter can turn invisible and so frequently too, I can smell to pick up their (very tiny) trail, but in the midst of having my head shot at, bombs dropped on me, and the wildlife, etc interfering its ridiculously hard.

And the arena cool down is too quick, I have read that updates are coming on these factors, but even then it seems they can never find a good balance. Before it was behemoth that was op, now its the hunters. Playing as the monster now, its become equivalent to trying to swat away a bunch of fly’s buzzing around you, except they have weapons, can turn invisible and continuously come back to life, all on a timer thats against you as the monster. Even if I do lock on to the medic, the time and effort i spend trying to kill him/her is pointless if I come out with my health drained from the other fly’s constantly bombarding me. And when I finally kill the medic, that is with my health in good standing, the others can fly around and evade me until the medic drops back in.

Maybe im not that good, but this is a video game, its supposed to be fun, I shouldnt have to work and practice harder on this than I would my own job lol. anyways, closing statements - wraith is fair, goliath doesnt seem to deal enough damage without taking heavy health punishment, kraken is too slow cant even evolve in peace, behemoth seems fair.

If you have some major game changing pointers and what not please tell me, because im about to quit lol


With new Monsters and Hunters you will find it VERY difficult to be completely balanced sadly… some comps just wreck the monster and some are so laughable, I appreciate TRS for trying their hardest be we as the community need to know as well that some things will be up and down but it will always be fun on the way too pure balance… one day :cry:

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Very good point, I love TRS, great community here, and alot of effort has been put into keeping this game alive. I just find it hard to play in fear of the stress and rage that will come out of trying to have fun lol


I understand where you are coming from, I rage alot during my gaming session but then again I keep them to 2 gaming sessions a week to not be so stressed.


I don’t think a 4v1 game can ever be balanced. I however appreciate TRS trying their hardest to balance this game as much as they can.

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I doubt it can happen any time soon. TRS can do its best by listening to the community and adjust the game accordingly but there are so many different subgroups within the community that see things from different perspectives (due to differences in experience, preference for/against a certain side/character, preferred play style like aggressive or tactical, etc.) that there are always conflicting opinions on several aspects. A large group might consider a certain character or ability op while another might consider it up and it’s often difficult to know which side to listen to. There are also some variable aspects outside of the game play that affect how these are perceived as well. This makes it difficult to achieve true balance on all fronts. The best they can do is look at what the majority of the community says. From there they move certain values up and down constantly, each time getting closer to the ideal level.

However, as new aspects are introduced like new characters, or even maps on occasion, more factors have to be taken into account which makes the task of balance more difficult. As new players continue to join and others leave the demographic of the community changes therefore changing its stance on some issues so balancing is always a constant struggle even to accommodate for a changing player base. On top of it all, the new ranked system means that players actually have something at stake so opinions become even more polarized.

The sad fact is that they will never be able to eliminate imbalance since there will always be differences in perspectives and opinions. Fortunately, as long as we continue to voice our concerns and show our passion for the game the developers will do their best to try to make the game as fair and fun to play for as many people.


It is almost impossible to balance an asymmetrical multiplayer game, although the devs are doing a very good job I think


Yup. its not going to be balance with 1 vs 4, but TRS is doing their best to balance it.

A well practiced/ coordinated hunter teams can easily beat even an experienced monster player.
But how frequent you are able to call up 3 of your friends to practice with you 20 hours a day? Some of us has work / school / something to do in real life.

In the other way around, an experienced skilled monster able to win against 2x2 or even a casual x4 premade hunters.

To find a balance in between is not an easy job. I know TRS can do it, not entirely balance, but a least close to it.


I find that they’re usually prety spot-on with their patches and definitely listen extremely well to the community.
I just wish they wouldn’t try to throw in their own “bandaid fixes” with every patch, further causing complications in the root problem.

Might as well take the new domes for example. Personally I’m somewhat against the new, lightning-fast domes that (supposedly) are going to take longer to recharge.
However that’s just my opinion.
Even if I loved the idea, it’s still the fact that first they make the domes super fast, only afterwards they change the animation to accurately depict the new speed, and only after all that they’re going to add the extra seconds to the dome recharge.

It takes 3 patches. Any time spent in the game inbetween feels like an unbalanced experience.
I wouldn’t mind if they took longer to test these changes to then implement them all simultaniously instead of having to figure out later down the line that there’s some inbalances with the recent changes.


With the asymetrical nature of the game, as well as the skill ceilings and floors, I don’t think it is possible to balance the game perfectly so everyone’s happy regardless of their skill level


This game can be balanced. The concept itself of 4v1 is quite original, although it had been done a few times; evolve is a different game than any other. As it is unique, it doesn’t have as many other games to inspire balance. These things already take several years to accomplish, until all the hard work eventually leads into a balanced game. Be advised though that balanced does NOT necessarily mean the game will be fun at that point. Ultimately the fun factor to the community is what matters


There will never be balance because the game is 4v1.

It’s one of those things you just have to accept. Silvers and bronze are being massacred by monsters, yet in ESL most games are going to tie-breakers because both hunter teams win every game.

4v1 is one of those ideas where you wonder why it has never been tried before, then you see it tried and you see why not.


@pissedoff “I shouldnt have to work and practice harder on this than I would my own job lol”

Lol do you even play games…? Of course there’s practice needed and skill if you want to be better, practice makes perfect but some are more talented than others in every field of life whether gaming or a job in general


All Supports can cloak themselves, and fellow hunters within a certain range.
Apart from that, only Laz can cloak, but Slims spore cloud messes with the monsters view a lot.

I am confident that an increase in cooldown time will make things right :slight_smile:

Huh? Behemoth is stronger than ever, as far as I am aware. His roll is back, and his lava bomb does some serious damage. Expect him to get a nerf in that respect.

Only with Laz players. Othertimes, when they get revived, they’re going to have a strike, and it’s pretty easy to take 'em down again. Or better still, don’t let fellow hunters revive them :slight_smile:

Correct - but at the same time, you want a depth to the game so that people can improve, and putting hours into the game doesn’t just leave you at the same skill level as someone who’s only just played the game. You should be able to play however many hours you want, and be matched with similar people, I agree.

He can, you’re just playing him wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
He is after all one of the most played monster in competitive play, as far as I am aware.

He is getting buffed,