Will there eventually be well documented transparency for all gameplay mechanics?


So, one of the things I learned of in the beta was that there is a gameplay mechanic where when shooting the monster from a distance as it is running from you, you will contribute to refilling its stamina faster.

I think this is a great balance mechanic, but it got me wondering how many things like this are there that aren’t very well known. I don’t know if this particular mechanic is in the loading screen tips, if someone just observed it as monster, or if a dev tipped us off here in the forums or what. By the time I got wind of it, I assumed it must be common knowledge, but that was quickly disproved. Every person I played with in random public lobbies that I mentioned it to didn’t know about it.

So, I’m wondering if there are any other not-so-well-known mechanics and if they are intended to be unknown or not. Personally, I’d love to get as much detail about every mechanic documented as possible somewhere. Another example of something I don’t think is very well documented is how eating continuously in the same general area as monster will tend to attract carrion birds. What are the specifics on how this mechanic works? Is it by number of prey you eat? Amount of evolve meter filled? Is it affected in any way by stealth?

(I’d also love to see raw numbers when it comes to things like weapon damage, hit points, healing, cooldowns, and etc. @MacMan, I’m look at you here. I know you love crunching the numbers!)


All of this. I would LOVE to see specific number breakdowns for all abilities and weapons.


Eating in the same area isn’t what does it, every creature you eat increases the chance of triggering them no matter where you are


The randomness of this sometimes kills me. First phase run away- kill reaver-birds.
Manage to juke the hunters and move away-get a quick snack-birds
Get chased by the hunters with a tracking dart,tranquilizer and UAV in your ass and desperately feed on the run-no birds
cruel RNG gods!


Yeah, I think it would be a great thing to have! I feel like one of the main issues new players have with Evolve is that the game presents itself has a shooter from the hunter’s perspective. It’s hard to say what I could equate playing the monster to, closest woutld be a 3rd person action game during a fight.

Regardless, the main point is that Evolve doesn’t handle like those two games at all on the tactical or strategic level. Which can lead to some people feeling frustrated or bored with the game. This compounds with some of these hidden mechanics to create a scenario where, I think, it can be hard for a person who hasn’t kept up with the game to see the depth it has to offer.

TLDR: I agree that this would be a great thing to catalog because the way the game breaks genre conventions makes it obtuse to the average user and the hidden mechanics don’t help in making the depth the game offers more transparent.


This was one of my biggest gripes with Destiny. Not having the knowledge about the things in the game that would help me play the game better.

Maybe if strategy guides were like they used to be back in the day, it’d be ok not putting this info directly in your face.

On the same note, I really wish games would stop using numerical values if they aren’t going to complete the equation those numbers are a part of. For instance: Recharge your jet pack 35% faster. Well…what’s the standard? If that increase is only going to net me a half a second faster recharge, maybe I’d like to get the jump 200% higher…wait…how high do I normally jump?

Giving us half of the equation and making us fill in for X just isn’t part of any game I want to worry about. I don’t want to scour the Internet and YouTube to find tutorials on damage output in relation to perks (though super kudos to those guys and gals who spend the time to make that info available).

Just wish there was more actual info in the game (details on perks or a way to view how perks effect your abilities) and more detailed “tip” screens during loading.


Daisy will howl if Maggie isn’t in range for her to keep tracking the monster, and she doesn’t need tracks to follow the monster’s trail so long as Maggie’s following


this is also what I am waiting for.
Now every argument such as X weapon DPS vs X weapon DPS is based on assumptions and personal perspective(which is often deceiving)