Will there be sort of briefing room,so hunters could plan their route/strategy beforehand?


One thing that my friends and I found unpleasant in Closed Beta is that we didn’t have a chance to figure our plan as hunters. I believe it’d be a decent improvement in terms of cooperative gameplay if we could check on the map and probably draw on it before air dropping. Because Evolve is a very fast paced game, we often feel like if we stop and discuss about our strategy right after the drop, we’d lose a great advantage of finding the monster before it evolves to stage 2. Therefore, we mostly just run towards the tracks and don’t even have time to scan and study the map. So, will there be similar features in the future?

If you’ve ever played the big bank map in Payday 2, it has a very good pre-planning tool which I think is a very good example of what I’ve mentioned.


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