Will there be new maps (not just variation)?


I’m getting tired of playing the same 4 maps over and over again, and the variants doesn’t make the maps new. So will there be new maps?


It’s been confirmed that they will be remaking most, if not all of the old maps. They’ve already talked about redoing Fusion Plant, and there’s one new revised map on the Trello Board in the “To Do” section. Hopefully a new map will be coming soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Also when you said “old maps” does that mean the maps that were in Legacy or just the 4 maps that are available now?


New maps are badly needed


Maps in Legacy. If I try to remember them all, it’s…

Fusion Plant
Refueling Tower
Broken Hill Foundry
Broken Hill Mine
The Dam
Rendering Plant

…and those are all I can remember off the top of my head that aren’t currently in the game.


Ahhh, Aviary, that was the most attractive map, mostly because of it’s forest parts, wish if TRS expands that part when it returns.


I personally feel that Refueling Tower was the nicest. The big waterfall, the open area with the skylight in the cave, the lush, dense jungle… shit, even the scrapyard was nice looking.


[quote=“Rapterror, post:2, topic:100416”]
It’s been confirmed that they will be remaking most
[/quote]New maps please


Yeah, that’s uh, what I said bro.