Will there be multi-GPU support in the final game?


Hi,i do have 2 R9 290X video cards in Crossfire,but the alpha did not use Crossfire,and this is kind of a trend lately,witch annoys me.I’m useing multi GPU systems since the 5970(5970-GTX 590-GTX 690-R9 290X Crossfire),and lately there are a lot of new games that can’t handle more then one GPU,I tought we should evolve(get it?) and more games should take advantage of high-end PC-s not less.Anyway this is a general concern,but I know this is just an alpha,but the question remains,is multi-GPU support planned for the game release,or maybe after the realease it will get a patch,or it there are no plans to include multi-GPU support at this moment?I already preordered my copy,actually it ran pretty good on a single 290X maxed out,and I know the game will be further optimised but still be nice if i could play with 2 cards.