Will there be more "Match Recap" features?


So - I was ready for an awesome game…it was all I expected, and better! The biggest surprise was, I had not seen the ‘match recap’ screen before!

I have mixed feelings about it. I’d rather see it at about 1/2 the speed it plays. But more than that, I’d LOVE the ability to “Save Recap” so I could ‘watch it’ at my leisure.

@Devs, will there be more "replay/spectator’ like features as time goes on?

What is everyone’s thoughts on this?


Recap are is amazing feature imo, especially the way it’s done… Simple, clear, and sometimes surprising… I played one game on PS4 that the share function recorded… And i didn’t encounter one hunter until stage 3… I thought they were just waiting for me at the generator… But no, watching recap I got they were chasing me the whole time, but I sneaked very well apparently!! or they were just beginners maybe…


Agreed about being able to save the map recap that plays, I love that. One of my favorite “surprise” features from the first alpha.


one of the recaps ‘taught me’ about Daisy. She’s so good at pointing, and I THOUGHT Goliath must be near by at first, but couldn’t find him. And I thought - oh, she’s just bugged, because she’s pointing at thin air (near the top of the refinery), and she did it for like 60 seconds.

Watched the recap at end: Goliath just sat in a bush by the building for about a minute…Daisy was spot on while we ran around like idiots not paying attention!!


Reposting my response from a similar thread: What would you think about "real" replays with unlockable camera?