Will there be lots of dlc monsters


I want more than 3


Everyone is wants more than three.


Well if you preorder the game you get the a new Monster from the first DLC if Im not mistaken.

But yeah I would be happy with 6. But I would personally like to see more maps than monsters and hunters. In this game I think the maps are most important.


im with you dont get me wrong i want to see 8+ monsters and a lot of hunters but if you have say 25+ odd maps that very from small to major things can make all the difference say one lvl thats just hard a lot of big bastards around griefing hunters and even the monster would be awesome followed by a lvl thats just abundant in wildlife but somewhat smaller then most lvls so yea easy to feed and evolve but hard to keep hunters off you at the same time though the core of the game didnt change the way it plays is effected immensely.


The amount of DLC they create depends on the success of the game and the DLC before the next. If we want more DLC, they need enough people to buy the product/fund them (which of course I will)


I’d like to think enough people buy the game for DLC to be made


We’ll keep making DLC for as long as it makes sense to do so. We’ve got a lot of cool ideas brewing…

DLC Buyers Anonymous (A DLC FAQ)

Woah 25 maps is jumping the canyon a bit. I would guess at about four additional maps


Maybe but with the concept of this game fighting in alien worlds there is limitless potential so it may not be so far flung as you think hell they could make friendly sentient aliens as hunters and even tribal clans in a world that hunt the hunters with nets and spear based equitment as well as the monster this is why I support this game intiraly and is the first game to make me jump on forums to discuss and look forward to hunting and hunting with all you (even hope some of the devs are in there throwing down with us)


Well the map figure now is 12+ maps, im hoping for 15 shipped. That way they could come out with 5 more for dlc to break 20