Will there be hunters with capes?

A hunter that is bigger than life, a hunter that is even more powerful than Super Mags.



Do you remember thunderhead?


How about hunters with loin cloths?

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Dear god…

As for capes, it would be out of place, wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see Goliath just making the hunter hang around awkwardly as he grabs them by the cape with his thumb and index finger and holds them there.

and spins them like Attack on Titan

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i could imagine an assassins creed like cape

An AC style cape, I could see. Shoulder down to the knee-ish, and on one arm.

yeah it also seems our new trapper has a trench coat which can seem like a cape. i still prefer a scarf that drapes down into a cape though.

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this made me laugh so hard. i said it in my head before scrolling down and there she was.

I think Parnell is wanting one. :slight_smile:

TRS could do so much cool stuff with hunters design and they are doing amazing stuff! especially love Crow’s hood. I think another hooded figure would be awesome or someone with a trench coat of sorts. Or a big burly medic. Or twins. Twins would be cool. And capes.

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