Will there be better Hunter and Monster AI at launch than what we saw in the Beta?


During the Beta on Xbox One if someone left the match they would be replaced by bot versions of that hunter/monster, I know there will be the solo mode in the full version as well once it comes out on February 10th. However during the beta a lot of people were complaining about how the Hunter bots were really bad at their jobs and how easy it was to kill the monster bots most of the time. What I am asking the devs is will there be better AI bots in the base game than there were in the beta? (meaning will the hunters be a lot better at their roles and will the AI monsters be a tougher challenge?)


AI is working pretty good tbh.The only AI problem i encountered was Hank using his orbital barrage at weird times.There will be solo mode and offline mode aswell.You will be able to play either as monster against 4 bots or hunter together with 3 bots against a bot monster.That goes for all the modes if i’m correct


Yes I know there will be the solo mode in the full game when it comes out on Feb 10th however what I want to know is if they are improving the AI at all from what it was in the beta?


Oops sorry didn’t read that correctly.You’ll have to wait for an official response but i’m pretty sure from Beta experience AI was very good at my opinion.There where many times i was hoping for AI Medic or Support because they shield and heal when needed rather than some human players who are like w/e lets keep dpsing.
But yeah better wait for a response from the devs


Goliath AI is god
Kraken AI makes him act like a goober


I remember reading around here that the OB’s been tweaked somehow.


My issue was Ai trappers not throwing their dome at all or throwing it way to early


No, they won’t be.


As far as I know you can set the bot difficulty in custom games . Im pretty sure that @macman posted somewhere else (cant find it) that the AI in normal matches is always set on normal ( to not mess things up ) .

In my opinion the AI is pretty solid except this goliath q_q .


Have you not seen an AI Goliath run, wait around a corner, ambush you and butcher your team of (admittedly random) Hunters? And those rock thows


I have seen the goliath massacre ^-^ . Perfect jumps , perfect aiming … this AI is so unfun to play against .


OK so I just learned after reading an ealier thread that:

@Agrius is in charge of monster AI.
@RaymondLukes is in charge of Hunter AI.

I have played a lot of different games with multiplayer modes against bots and unless I am playing with my friends they are usually what I would go up against and so far I love what they have done with the AI here with Evolve. However I also know that they will probably never get to the human thinking level of difficulty but as long as I know that they are trying their best to make the AI as “smart” as they can than I will still be able to smile about it and believe Evolve can end up being Game of the Year!


that’s making it a challenge. love 2 take the challenge on


Bot difficulty only really changes the damage and some other stats I don’t think they actually play any better but I could be wrong on that


To be fair Ive also seen a goliath go sit and stare at a wall not doing anything while were shooting him and turn around to run away and never break harpoons


Goliath AI seems to behave like he is cheating. I’d call it inhuman, but that’s a given. It’s ok, still defeat-able and somewhat satisfying.


Goliath AI can Leap Smash without leaping and Rock Throw without throwing.

Yes, I believe I would call that cheating :smiley_cat: