Will there be Australian beta/alpha testing?


Title says it all! I really don’t want to miss out on a chance to play this game before release, I was so bummed when only people in North America got the chance to play


I’m sure we will, every beta I’ve ever played they haven’t left us out


I really hope so!


Pretty sure the Open Beta on Xbox One will be international. Don’t quote me on that though.


But I have a PS4 :’( @DamJess


lol, you are so going to get quoted on that…


:’( oh well uh um


I feel your pain. I bought a PS4 on release day and nothing that I want has come out yet. I played a couple games and beat them, now it’s sitting on a shelf unplugged.


I know right! And the game I couldn’t wait for (Evolve) got pushed back :’( Oh well, they can only make it better


Nope, just like every other game you will wait a few extra days, not get to try the game, pay $100+ for it and darn it you will like it! >:)


Any PC beta in the near future?