Will there be any other emotes?


:markov: needs some friends.


I am in agreement!



Yes! I need a Bucket emote, consarn it!


I made that one day when I had a bit of spare time…which I no longer have. Any artists in the community?


Sure hope so. Even cyborgs need friends on Shear.


How long did it take :markov: ?


Can’t remember…couple hours maybe.


When ye seek, so shall ye find:

I’m not sure what the original dimensions should be though - I just copied and pasted the Markov one for reference. Let me know, and I will shrink them down. If you like what I did, I’ll happily do hunters when I can!


Takran, you genius!

Oh, a Bucket one please! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will do!

Your Avatar really made that one easy! hahaha

Also, Just for kicks and giggles, here’s Lazarus:

I still need the dimensions though. My PC says it is 64 by 64 pixels, but that is clearly not right. Also, when I copy paste markov, I get a black background that may not be there in actuality. I can fix that too if needed.


The Gang’s all here. I got rid of the background but the scale is still off. Anyone know the size of an emote? I’ll happily rescale them properly if we want to use these. I have them saved as .PNG too: is that a good file type?


Typically, I think most emotes are 28x28 pixels Takran, but don’t hold me to that number. And yes, PNG is guuud



I believe you are correct sir! Do these look right?


Look like it to me!


:open_mouth: I made these:

But you sir, have one-upped me… well done! Send me a PM? We can try to get them into Discourse :] If that’s cool with you…

EDIT: Well, we’ll need @SlabOMeat’s blessing first, of course.


Those are awesome! I like what you did. I’d be happy to send in my stuff in - I’ll PM the files now. I can’t wait to see what @SlabOMeat says!

EDIT: doh! I just realized I don’t know how to attach the files to the message other than just posting the picture in. Is there a button I missed?


Great job Takran.


I would love a shield gun emote. Every time I see it, it reminds me of a gigantic futuristic game boy advance.


I’d be happy to make more, but I’ll wait and see what SlabOMeat says first.