Will there be any high risk high reward characters?


Any Leeroy Jenkins hunters coming?

Even better a monster who just doesnt quit and is rewarded for it


I was waiting for @Probably to create this topic, lmao


I cant wait for the mini nuke mine/gun that is hard as hell to hit maybe have to set it up as a mortar or for the mine the monster has to stand by it for 2 sec or so before detonating but would make a sound to alert the monster ether way hard to hit but in the grate words of Lindsy “WHAT THE FU*K!!! BWAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA”


Hunter able to wormhole would be kinda cool and if he/she is by themselves well best of luck to them.


I’ve been asking for a high-risk/high-reward Assault for a while now.

I want an assault with a big ass, high damage gun that takes a while to reload.

So that when I hit the monster using skill I get that satisfaction of removing a big’ol chunk by being good at the game, but if I miss i’m put at a big disadvantage of having to spend time vulnerable reloading.


6 rd sweet looking “revolver”


That would be perfect.

I’d love to play as a literal space cowboy.


How bout a hunter with a railgun.

Setup and shoot or setup and get the crap kicked outta you. Yet a successful hit not only does nice dmg but pins monster to the closest wall.


Make it charge-able and i’m sold.


Where I could see this best in design atm is in the tracker class, or the support class.

The assault class I feel has enough of a high end “get in face, hope you don’t die” character.

Medic has Lazarus, and tracker may already be covered by the first guy who directly fires the harpoon…but I could see an even more in-your-face kited tracker or support come out, and that would be fine by me.


Just because the two assaults so far are “in your face” doesn’t mean a third assault has to be. We can see from other classes that TRS doesn’t feel like they need to follow a strict code for each one. Assault is supposed to be the #1 damage threat so I wouldn’t agree with giving another class the big burst damage weapon whatever it may be. I’d like to see an assault design that has a big ass gun where they try to set up aimed shots from safe positions while still having the utility to get up close and take damage. The tradeoff would be that they can’t be doing much damage while up close like the current assault classes can.


While I get your points, I’d like to make sure it was understood that Markov is actually more adjusted for mid-long range, as opposed to mid-close.


Just keep in mind, there’s a thin line between “high risk/reward” and “Feast or Famine”.


I’d rather they have the big shots, but with a short clip. Puts you in the “every shot counts” mentality, while balancing it without making it bad up close.

Not all Assaults have to be health siphons, there should at least be one that lops off chunks at a time instead of steady draining the beast.


I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of an Assault or a Support character who has to take a precious few seconds setting up some kind of cannon, which does massive damage but has to be picked up and moved or left behind for a while whenever the Monster attacks. Maybe something like an unfoldable, portable railgun which sets up like a turret but functions like stationary heavy ordinance.


True, however don’t forget Hank’s orbital barrage, which while being extremely unreliable to hit, has been said to consistently take out two whole bars of health if the sustained barrage hits, like on an evolving monster it would be absolutely devasting


Relating to the claim that Hank will be a ‘dud’, I think a lot of people have forgotten that his barrage works hand in hand with the arena, as in being able to confine to monster to a small area, then getting a more accurate shot on him


It is more difficult to land 5 shots then it is to land 1 shot. A very slow rate of fire removes skill and makes it more unforgiving so less approachable by beginners. I agree with Probably, short clip. Make every shot count. But don’t make it like sniper rifle slow rate of fire.


Good ways to make sure it requires skill are to incorporate projectile physics and/or giving it a second or two of charge-up time.


Here is the perfect example of this, my second favorite weapon in BL/BL2, the Elephant Gun.

Inspired by classic hunting rifles, 1/3 of the only scopeless rifles in the game, and probably the most powerful single shot gun. Has the mag of a revolver, a somewhat slow fire rate, and amazing range and damage.


The fun comes from having to be careful yet risky, and the satisfaction for landing a good shot, dealing serious damage.