Will there be any cosmetic customization in the game?


Like color scheme, emblems, or any other items that adds personality to your hunters?



There are some skin unlocks currently.


I do hope they implement something of customization within the game. I feel like they could do something with the shield icon people have over their name in lobbies. Perhaps being able to unlock certain looking shields by completing achievements. I think it would also be cool if there was a colored outline to the shield that could indicate just how good the player is, so higher skilled players (not necessarily higher level) almost like the divisions in SC2, where people have the colored border around their portrait.


Skin will not get you much far, hope they are gonna add some ways to customize.


there shure is a emblem, when you were in a lobby you could see that everyone had these Red “shields” above their names i am 99% sure there will be Emblems CoD style that will replace these


They should add a beard-length slider for the male characters, and a hair length slider for the female characters. :wink:


so “Hair length” is the new codeword now ? ^^


I just remember there was some sort of no shaving and no haircuts thing the devs were doing for a while. :wink:


Why, guys can’t have long hair… I certainly do O_O