Will there be any ai monsters strong as or stronger than the monster


I really want some ai monsters that really pose a challenge


I get the impression you are referring to AI Wildlife being as strong as the monster. To my knowledge there will not be wildlife as strong or stronger than the player controlled monster. Though there will be dangerous wildlife like the dune beetle that can fight the monster a while being as tough as it is, which would delay the monster and could allow the hunters to catch up, so it is not ideal to fight wildlife that will just waste your time if the hunters are closing in.

If you are referring to an actual AI monster, well it has been stated that people can play against AI monsters with AI hunters for team mates, but nothing in my opinion is more challenging than facing another human opponent as the monster. I feel that AI become predictable at a certain point, but players can be unpredictable, tricky, methodical, reactive, & evolve to counter their opponents.


Will there be any wildlife bigger than the monster


At stage 1 you can find some wildlife that are actually as big or bigger than you…!

But something bigger than a Stage 3 monster… hmmm… Well, maybe in other maps ?


I think a Nomad outsizes stage 1 Goliath and Kraken by a bit


Nomads are large for sure, but big in the same way a Giraffe is big. Monsters aren’t scared of giraffes.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if they had maps where some of the wildlife could evolve, I know this could overcomplicate things but it still an interesting thought. Imagine the hunters pass by one of the more passive monsters only for them to return later and find out “the bad way” that it has become something like the tyrant


That sounds like an interesting concept! Would probably give the game more time to work on though and might be a little more expensive in the long run but still, very good concept indeed!


@SlabOMeat Are Nomads the most passive large wildlife, out of the ones shown so far?


I’m putting in a request for a giant ass sarlacc-like beast in a map.



Yes yes yes yes yes! Please yes.


Can the wildlife actually kill the monster?


It probably can. If you were on low enough health/armour and got into a fight with a Tyrant then you’d be dead quickly I’d imagine


That’d be pretty funny, the monster gets away with a pixel of health and halfway through your trek to find him you get the victory screen without any explanation because a Tyrant took it out.


Yes, several wildlife can kill the hunters. Even the plants are deadly.


I have seen every wildlife capable of doing damage kill a monster with a sliver of life as they are running away. Always hilarious. Never gets old.


Is it just me or do the wild-life seem deadlier then the monster? Think about it. The tyrant can eat you in one shot, the megamouths eat you whole, and there are plants that eat you and there is nothing you can do unless someone helps you. The monster has to evolve to be able to effectively kill all the hunters. Just watch the IGN match. All 4 hunters were eaten byplants in one round!


The wildlife are essentially doing the “stealth pounce” the monsters can do. You can save your teammates from the trapped state wildlife can cause just as you can with the monster


That sounds like the dumbest best thing ever.

Just another thing to add to the list of stuff I’m excited to witness in this game.


What about the Tyrant that ate Griffin? Idk how much health he had left but it looked like he was just dead lol. I wonder if he just kills faster than megamouths