Will there be alternate weapons?


Do you think TR will only just add new tiers of hunters when adding new weapons? Or will existing hunters ever get new abilities and weapons in order to allow us to customize them a little bit?

I like the fact that each hunter has a certain personality and favorite weapons, but it would be kind of cool to see them eventually have an alternate choice. Otherwise I foresee the earlier tier hunters being little used because people get bored with the same old weapon choices, instead opting for the new exciting hunter tiers and their fresh new abilities/weapons.


Only so many "exciting new " hunter tiers, man. You're gonna pick a favorite and stick with it. It worked for TF2, I don't see why it wouldn't work here.

Edit : I realized shortly after posting that TF2 does, in fact, have alternate loadouts. I still say the small, focused choice of tools will not be a problem. I'd rather four great assault loadouts than a few dozen mediocre ones.


Some alternates would be nice as long as it doesn't involve a crafting system. I hate crafting.


Nah, every hunter has their own set of weapons, and new ones will have theirs...they are all kitted out to have differing play-styles. I am sure many people will prefer a tier 1 hunter even when we see tier 4 or 5, heh.


I remember one of the devs, I think it was either @Chloe or @DamJess mentioned that a member from the "unannounced team of hunters" was their favorite so I'm fairly sure we'll be seeing some new hunters. Plus in one of the development videos Chris mentioned that originally there were going to be four hunters with no roles yet customisable equipment yet THQ convinced them to go down a path with set roles and unique characters.


New hunters if they are continuing the current trend. Also are you Finnish or just a fan of Simo Hayha?


This. It would make more sense to introduce new hunters rather than have hunters be able to change weapons. If you look at how they originally planned the game this would have been the system. 4 hunters who's gear you choose. Instead they went this route.


We were talking about Caira, that was back before the third unlock group was announced.

And those original 4 characters @SlabOMeat talked about became some of the characters we've already announced (like Cabot and Abe). There's actually a lot of really cool info about the hunters and where they came from in the design process in the art book we made smile


Oh, my mistake.


Oh! What artbook?


YUP. I mostly stopped playing TF2 shortly after a class got its second new set of items. The first few alternate loadouts were fun and focused and actually added to the game, but at this point it's just a clusterfuck. Keep it simple. Of course, I say this as I have Battlelog open in another tab tweaking my soldiers' loadouts where there are several choices for most slots, so there's room for both. Still, in Evolve I think simple is better.


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If you're interested there's some stuff in here about why each character has a specific load out.


I'm not even really talking about completely new and unique weapon loadouts for existing characters, just perhaps tweaked versions of existing weapons. Balanced though, so perhaps trading off ROF for dmg, or range for dmg, or faster cooling down shield but takes less damage, or a Daisy who runs faster but can't resurrect players. I just think it would be fun to be able to slightly tweak the characters, so my Val is different from another players Val other than just say a perk difference.

Oh, and I'm not Finnish, it's just Simo is one of the biggest BA's of all time.


Indeed just checking.



Hah, that's a pretty funny article. It's always cool when someone recognizes the pic, you'd think with his story he'd be world-reknowned as a giant badass like others throughout history, shame he's not.


Hope they somehow forget to add the greatest sniper in history frowning