Will there be a workshop like L4D or more like Dota?


I really enjoy the idea of the workshop being added into this already amazing game. But , what type of workshop should there be to expect. I think one more like Dota’s system would be awesome were the community can create their own monsters and if it get voted enough it can be implemented into the game . Maybe completely rip off that system and make the monsters like little dlcs. Hopefully this is the case because I’d like to see a huge variety of monsters to play as!


Even if this does get implemented, it would be only skins and be client side (only the player can see it and not by everyone else). I rather not have to see a giant squid Kraken skin conjure a pillar of ink on me.


I hope the game is very flexible in what happens in special player hosted servers, where score won’t be saved. Not as flexible as gmod for example. Unique TF2 servers are amazing. Great change of pace from the original game. Extends the life of the game so much for me.


Some days ago I asked “Will there be something to mod the game?”

…But I’ve got no response for now.


sorry to hear that , bud. Keep an eye out on other posts maybe you’ll find it somewhere.


This game needs workshop like in TF2. People create stuff, people rate stuff, devs patch this stuff in the game.