Will there be a wipe?

So with this new update coming out I was wondering if there will be a wipe? I heard something about updated leaderboards for the new ranked 2.0 mode, and that the whole game is going to feel different. So can someone confirm if we are going to get wiped? I really hope that one is not required but I know sometimes it is needed for major patches/updates like this.

I hope so, a wipe would reset the global averages so they aren’t completely useless, and the leaderboards right now are really just showing who has played more and not who is better.

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Current Leaderboards will be wiped, as they are being replaced with the Hunt 2.0 leaderboards.

Everyone will be play “Placement Matches” to determine their Leaderboard and Division.

Is this confirmed? If so can you copy the post where one of the devs said this?

It answers a lot of questions in the first LOOOOOOOONNNNGGGG Post.


The answer you’re looking for is about halfway down the Q&A section of the OP. They are essentially completely replacing the current leaderboards with the new Hunt 2.0 leaderboards, just like @TomsMeatPlatter said.

Edit: And you beat me to it, haha

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Thank you! I didn’t see they added a question and answer part to that thread.

Yeah I usually hit the Dev Tracker first thing every day I come on here to check whats going on. It seems like the last 2 Fridays they updated it so keep your eyes open!

Didn’t know you could do that

waiting for news


oh there will be a wipe. as i wipe the floor with all these hunters!


Hmm, I look forward to seeing how it all works in the end.

I’m mainly looking forward to the balance patch notes, as we apparently only know 1/3 of the changes

As am I, it should prove to be interesting.

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Dibs on #1 Goliath on PS4 @kyronr600 @KaptinSkorge @michigan_ball :smiley:

surrendered gracefully.

ill be number 1 T5 lol.

I saw you edit that, and just when I was going up on the leaderboards

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:pensive: I see

You’re gonna have to get through me if you want it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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do we have a vague idea when Hunt 2.0 will release? This week, possibly??