Will there be a sequel? Or just new tiers?


Before people complain saying “oh dude their isn’t going to be a sequal” I know that but I wonder to myself if TRS Maybe Making another version of evolve right now but better and If they are I hope it may be better with More Monsters “Including the old hunters and monsters” and some new ones. I love evolve just as much as I love its community but I have this weird thing going on in my head if they either Release a sequel to Evolve or Just New teirs. If they decide to release New teirs they need to first Balance out the Mechanics of online ranked match making by Getting new players to come in and enjoy the game. And they need to warn us about upcoming dlc that we need to pay for in the near future. IF they decide to release a sequel they NEED to have more content, Warn us about dlc, At least have some lore on what is going on “they dont need to have a story” and Tell us whats coming up on the season pass and if its worth its price tag of 50+ or Etc.

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If they were going to make a sequal im sure they would have said something, but they have been adamant about saying no they will not. As for new tiers, im not sure they would do much having new tiers. I love this game mroe than almost all other games i play, but i know it wont last unless they do something drastic. the game is nearly dead, with 91 players as of 4:32 AM Arizona time, and a 307 24 hour peak according to steam charts. . That is bad. I mean Bejewled is doing better than Evolve. So we might be hard pressed to get anything else as of now. If they can survive though, i feel like they are doing well. They do warn us about any DLc coming up and as they said the only maps and modes will be free. Clearly any secondary characters like blitz Markov are free as well. But new characters and monsters will not be free. Also any skin will not be free.


I sense there will be Evolve 2 in the next five years. :slight_smile: Yeah the player base is low but lets not let it affect us too much. We are still the people who are keeping the game alive. I see new players quite much on consoles tho… But I’m not too sure how long they stick around when elite krakens pubstomp them mad hard.


I don’t see a sequel any time soon as the rumor is TRS is working a new IP.

I’d rather just have new things added to the game over time instead of a new game anyway. Most things that could be added to the sequel can be implemented into this version anyway.


Aren’t there already a bunch of Threads for a sequel to Evolve?


The real question is why people want Evolve 2.

Apart from the strange idea that every game nowadays needs a sequel, stranger so a multiplayer game (looking at you, Borderlands 2), the charm in game development lies in leaving a big impression.

You can leave that impression by releasing a new Far Cry game every year that plays the exact same way as the previous one, or you can leave that impression by spending a shitload of effort on 1 single game like Shadow of the Colossus and have it still be regularly discussed and praised even after 10 years.

And if I may just cut the crap, Evolve hasn’t left a positive impression on the majority of gamers. Whether or not this applies to you doesn’t matter because you will always be overruled by the amount of people that have not played this game but have nonetheless decided to join the hate-Evolve-bandwagon.

A sequel is gonna make that problem worse. I can already see the “So you release the next buggy mess without fixing your old broken stuff that we paid for?” arguments coming. And rightfully so.
It’s certainly how I feel towards Torn Banner’s new upcoming release while their old product, Chivalry, is in such a sorry state.

Ignoring for a second that the amount of sequels nowadays is just unnecessarily high, a game needs to have been received really well and have sold lots upon lots of copies. Despite the reasonable playercount at launch I would argue that the negative score on Steam had scared off a lot of potential customers, so in that regard Evolve fits neither requirement.


I too have never understood the idea that a sequel suddenly wipes the slate clean with people’s views on an IP. It gives reviewers another chance to say “Hey the stuff I said before isn’t relevant any more”, sure, but it also gives the haters a chance to stoke those flames of dissent too. Unless the game fundamentally changes the views won’t change… and why would we want Evolve to fundamentally change?


Amen to that.


I think the true reason anyone is even suggesting a sequel is because of player base. Me like anyone in this community want this game to be up at the top with COD, CS, dota, league etc and the game really does deserve to be. My thoughts are is to continue what they are doing as the new content is great and there is apparently a lot more exciting stuff to come which will hopefully build and bring up the player base.

I then think after a few years and likely when there will be a next gen platform it would be time to make a squeal or a redeveloped version of the game but until that time we should all continue to be as awesome and support the game which might even lead to more tiers/variations to keep us occupied in the mean time!


In my opinion games that become highly popular - like CS, DOTA, etc - always start from big success of certain title. Huge playerbase, highly playable product, then “cultivated” and improved by years - eventually can attract even more people.

I doubt though, that you can change the scale of playerbase for a game that attracted a couple of thousand people at most, received very controversial rates, to something that is pulling hundreds of thousand people. I doubt even if you improve your product greatly. And - by the way - I can still see a lot of bugs after a year of playing Evolve from day #1.

From this point of view the sequel gives another chance! Perhaps many will doubt, but if properly backed up with marketing - at least people will check it. …AND if it is good enough it may become success.


I’d like Evolve 2 to be more back-story driven with focus only on solo/friend campaigns.

I could see things like how Torvald was ripped apart, sunny, Abe, and Parnell on the exploding ship, Val with CIG9, Laz, Hyde, and Slim in the mutagen wars, Jack and Ida(Lennox) relationship, Cabot and his so-called wife, griff and monster hunting and that Orion terrorsaur.

If Evolve 2 is just an improved version of OG, then TRS will get the type of day-1-DLC backlash but far more worse, because the claim behind the day-1-DLC is that TRS is just in it for the money.


This is really the only point I disagree with you on. I think the second one was great, with a different feel and story from the first. It even made a big deal out of the story when the first didn’t. The Pre-Sequel wasn’t necessary, I’ll give you that, but BL2 was a good thing for the series. It attracted new players, old players, introduced completely new dynamics to the world of Borderlands, and even further defined the lore of Pandora and the characters.

They could have waited another year to release it, just for good measure, but otherwise, it’s a good example of what a sequel should be.


I would like to see more content, a tier 6 would be great I’m a believer in the summer TU their will be a new tier I’m sure of it. TRS still works with the game and are still trying to make it better. I don’t think there giving up on the game we just need to wait a while.


Sequel? = No
New Tiers (DLC) = No
Will there be more adaptations? = Only the ones that have been confirmed, Tier 1, 2 & 3.
Does Evolve need a sequel?: Yes but not right now, or anytime soon for that matter but 2K has said that it will happen in the future.

I’d say continue to learn from the current Evolve and how they could improve on it in the future, and let them work on another game or two before they get back to doing Evolve.

Besides I’d rather wait another six years for a better Evolve game than two years to get a recycled product with the same issues and going through the bad stuff all over again.


We have no idea if there’ll be more DLC or not, TRS only ever talk publicly about stuff that is in the very near future.


I hope for a prequel


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I don’t think there’s much chance of a sequel. I don’t think any game called Evolve 2 or similar would be received very well. Everyone would just wonder what it was or be angry or be 1 of 2500 who’s like oh I remember that game!!! I expect to see more attempts at 4vs1 though. The concept is very good. It just wasn’t originally performed well. It’s great now but it’s too late. Maybe we end up getting some hunt related game but it will probably only somewhat resemble this one. It will probably also avoid the concept of evolving. I’d be excited to see something like that though.