Will there be a season pass


(sorry if this has already bean answered)Im wondering if there will be a season pass for evolve

and @plaff (and other devs and moderators) move this to the evolve questions and answers thread if you want because it’ll problably be answered faster there anyway.


There is a ‘Hunter Pass’. It costs $25 and bundles 4 hunters together. (Saving you $5)


oh so that’s what that is thanks :smile: (thought that but I wasn’t sure) so about £18 here in Brittan awsome


All good? Question answered, if I may close the topic if that’s alright with you?

Actually, I’ll give Mr. @MaddCow the honours this time! :wink:


Also comes with 3 monster skins if I’m not mistaken


ok no point in having this still up :smile: