Will There be a Season Pass?


I once read an article (not sure where) that talked about the monsters and hunters Turtle Rock plans on creating in the future are going to be available through microtransactions, while maps are going to be free. I’d like to know, will there be a way I can purchase all the monsters and hunters from the get-go? A season pass of sorts?


They haven’t mentioned yes or no to this yet. They might have more finalization once Holiday pre-orders are over and 2K decides what to do with it.


If they do that I’d probably buy it


Soooooon :smiley:


I’d be down for a pass/bundle of sorts…Assuming they release an even amount of dlc per team (Lets say two new monsters and two new tiers of hunters) It could be something like 10$ per monster,15$ per tier of hunters,or you could buy a pack that comes with both a monster and a tier of hunters for 5$ off,or maybe it could come with some bonus skins.


I’d be up for this if they do multiple seasons.

For example, Season 1 pass could include all 2015 content;

1 x Monster (4th)
4 x Hunters (a whole new team, medic, assault, support and trapper)

All to be released within a year of launch.

Season 2 would include the next year;

1 x Monster (5th)
4 x Hunters

I don’t think they’d do a ‘this pass includes ALL future DLC’ sort of season pass, as they’re not sure how much content they’re going to be making (it depends on how well the game does, and how well each DLC set does). They have ambitions to keep the game going for years and keep it fully supported, so I can see actual season passes, that cover a ‘season’.


I would get it every time. No questions for a game like this.